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September Goals Reviewed & Goals for October

Thursday, October 08, 2020

September Goals Review

Goal: As soon as my leg feels better and the Dr gives me the all clear I plan to do pyramid ST program 3 days a week. Pyramid training is a stepped approach to sets and repetitions. A pyramid means big at the bottom and narrow at the top. A reverse pyramid means big at the top and narrow at the bottom.
On the days I don't do ST, I will either go for at least a 3 mile mile walk with hubby and getting at least 10K steps, go for a bike ride, go for a hike or do some sort of low-impact aerobic exercise here at home.
emoticon Result: My leg was hurting quite a bit last month after partially tearing my new ACL. I tried to do some weight loss exercises by Pahla B on YouTube but it just required too much leg work. I did do some walking though.

Goal: Eat a whole food or Mediterranean type diet. Making sure to eat plenty of fruit and veggies along with healthy fats. I have started eating more fish than chicken and I want to continue this. I still avoid eating red meat or pork as much as possible.
emoticon Result: I did do this and was consistent with it for the entire month.

Goal: Make time two days this month to either write in my five minute journal or take the time to write a more lengthy journal entry in my hand bound journal that I bought from my friend on her Etsy shop.
emoticon Result: I just had too much going on and only did 1 day out of the whole month.

Goal: Take time to read a book, do some art work - I bought some water color lessons and some journal making lessons from my friend that I also bought the journal from. I finally bought the paints and a few other things needed for the water color lessons. I'd like to take some time to draw too. Spend at least one night with Randy watching a movie instead of working 'til bedtime. I'd like to do this twice over the next 2 weeks while Randy is on vacation from his Software Engineering job. We'll still be working on the game but we need to spend more time just relaxing.
emoticon Result: I did take time read most days out of the month but never found the time to do any art work.

Find a new doctor and study to participate in: I recently found out about a hormone that everyone's body makes but mine doesn't. It could have huge implications for my health in lots of positive ways. Their have been a few trials done on other people like me but more studies are needed before the FDA will approve this hormone therapy for use in people like me. I went to my doctor with this information and she just shut me down and then proceeded to quote the conclusion from the white paper that was written about it saying that more studies were needed. Considering there are at most 4 - 5 people in 100,000 people with my condition it would be good to be involved with these studies.
Goal: Get in touch with the endocrinologist that was involved with the growth hormone studies I was in as a kid. Also, find an open minded endocrinologist that will listen to me.
emoticon Result: I did do all of these things but never got an email back from the endocrinologist I had as a kid. However, I did find a naturopath doctor in Arizona that was willing to give me oxytocin as well as testosterone because my body doesn't make either of these hormones. I found an endocrinologist in Denver that is a neuro-endocrinologist that deals with patients that have no or only a partial pituitary gland. I can't get in to see her though until January.

Goal: Take at least 10 minutes 2 days a week to meditate. I feel better, can deal with stress better and have less anxiety when I meditate.
emoticon Result: I never found the time to meditate.

Goals for October

Stretching: I've been stretching every morning or at least every day for more than a month now. My mornings start out much better when I take the time to stretch.
Goal: Continue with my 12 minutes of stretching every morning or if I can't do it in the morning for some reason, do it later in the day.

Nutrition: I recently watched a show on Netflix called The Game Changers. After watching it, I've started eating a plant based diet for breakfast every morning. I've done this for 7 days so far. About the 2nd or 3rd day I had a lot of gas up until about the 6th day when it finally evened out and now I don't have a build up of gas anymore. The scale hasn't moved in numbers BUT my clothes are fitting better. My sister and her husband have started eating this way. They still have fish or chicken for supper a few days a week but my sister has lost some lbs and her clothes are fitting better. Here is the trailer for it in case you are interested www.youtube.com/
and here are some recipes from the show gamechangersmovi
There are plenty of recipes on Pinterest too.
On a side note: Earlier this year my triglycerides were a bit high but I just had them checked today and they are in the normal range.
Goal: Continue to eat a plant based diet for breakfast and start eating a plant based lunch. Start eating a plant based supper at least a couple of days a week. I don't know if I can or will go completely vegan but I figure it can't hurt to have 2/3rds of my meals be plant based.

Exercise: Goal: Finish doing the pyramid training I started this week and go for walks with Randy on the days I don't do ST. Get in 31 miles of walking this month.

Sleep: We just bought a split king sleep number mattress(es?). The app gives you all kind of feedback as to how well you slept. We've only had it one night but I'm interested to see which soft or firm number gives me the best sleep. We had a fairly firm memory foam mattress before. It will take some time to get used to this new mattress. It reminds me a little of the water bed I had years ago.
Goal: Find which sleep number give me the best sleep.

Relax: Goal: Make the time to read. Even if it's just 5 minutes here and there. I really am hoping I can find the time to do some art this month too. Either water color painting or drawing.

My drawing I did a couple of years ago

Picture I used for reference

Journal: Goal: Make the time to journal either in my hand bound journal I bought from my friend or using the 5 minute journal app on my phone.

This is the beautiful handbound journal I bought from my friend J Sattler Art on Etsy.

I love that I have the option to either write or draw in it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Much and continued success to you this month.
    52 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    You have some SMART goals for October.
    52 days ago
    Your rendition of the flower picture is beautiful! Thanks for the link to Game Changers - have to check it out. good luck with your October goals!
    53 days ago
  • BEFIT020
    I hope your leg is better now! Your drawing is wonderful!
    How did you like pyramid training? Did you use a specific plan?
    Good luck with your goals this month!
    53 days ago
    It was great to catch up with all that has been going on with you the past month. I hope your leg is feeling better, glad the stretching helps you! I am happy to hear that you have some positive things going on with your health from new doctors who will give you the hormones you need. Good luck with the plant based diet! I hope you find more time to do some artwork and writing this month! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    53 days ago
    Thanks for posting about the gamechangers.. I think I had seen a trailer for it.. I plan to check it out. I am trying to lean towards a more plant based diet.. Give yourself a pat on the back for what you did accomplish. You did awesome. emoticon progress not perfection. emoticon

    53 days ago
  • BARBIE176
    emoticon goals. Wishing you a successful month. I like that you are transitioning to a more plant based way of eating slowly. I have been doing fairly good on my attempt to be plant based, but I still have a few meals over the month that are not. Like you, I think any is better than none. I haven't lost a lot of weight, but my clothes feel better and I feel better. Thanks for posting the link to Game Changers. I have been hearing about it and would like to see what it is like.
    54 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Great goals.
    54 days ago
    I think you did very, very well considering what you've been through. I hope you do well on Oct. goals, just do what you can! emoticon I pray you will reach the dr. I love the journal ideas of writing and painting. emoticon emoticon
    You're in my prayers always! I loved your Blog!
    54 days ago
    Love the journal! Every good wish for your goals this month. :)
    54 days ago
    Best wishes for your October goals! emoticon
    55 days ago
    Glad you found some Dr.'s that will help you. I have eaten a plant based diet most of my life. I never get sick. People can be hacking all around me but I don't get it. What really helped me maintaining my weight was getting rid of bread in my diet. It let me lose a stubborn ten pounds that simply wouldn't come off.
    That is a lovely journal. I think it would b cool if you did both write and draw in it.
    Good work on the flower!
    I would be interested in how you like that number bed for sure. I have an adjustable bed which really helped with my back pain, but had no choice on the mattress firmness.
    Good luck with your goals for October!
    55 days ago
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