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2020-10-13 a thought, a report, a prayer

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I read a blog post that mentioned an explorer of the 1500's...
and my mind took a side trip with the following writing.

Thankful that all through the ages...
there have been daring people who explored beyond their known worlds..

now the daring explore the depths of the oceans...
and the world where our planet is just a speck in eternity.
and yet we (as a species) tend to believe we are supremely important
more important than any other life-form.
and some believe that only they and those most like themselves are truly important..
the height of conceit.
All life-forms are important and all their members are important, too.
What makes you unique does not make you more important than any other life-form.

I wonder if all species believe they are the most important ones in their corner of the world.

That was rather heavy.
on a brighter lighter note... I had my 3-month visit with the DR who did my total hip replacement.. all is looking good... and my next appointment is 9-months away... July 2021
So I wished everyone a good safe healthy Winter, Spring, and Summer ...

It is raining here ... a fairly gentle rain which is good, maybe most of it will sink into the ground and not just rush to the ocean via brooks, streams, & river. We do need our water-table replenished and so many need there wells filling with water once again. I do pray this rain will last long enough to end our drought.
I also pray all is well in your corner of the world.

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