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SO many things changing for me...some good and some better!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Hello to my wonderful friends! I'm sorry I've been so remiss about my blogging. I love to blog...you know I do but I feel like so many things are going on in my world right now I just don't have the oomph to get ur' done at the end of a long day.

I have happy news that I've lost -26 pounds since 8/1. It is slow, slow, SLOW but at least I'm not longer gaining which is a miracle in and of itself.

I have done this by dilegently watching my carb intake keeping them insanely low. Less than 20 g on most days. Sure there has been a little slip up here and there but for the most part I'm completely dedicated to peeling off some of this lock down weight and of course my grief weight that I've packed on since losing my beautiful husband.

I'm tryin my BEST to move forward by taking good care of my health..both mentally and physically.

Our grief group was disbanded because of the pandemic but we have managed to gather via Zoom for a few weeks. I can see that the end id near for that as well. Our leader has now decided to hold the meetings every other week rather than weekly.

I've been thinking how sad it is that we don't regularly get together. This group has become my lifeline during this lockdown.I've been thinking of starting our own grief group away from and seperate from the one offered by Hope Hospice which is who took excellent care of my darling husband.

It's been almost 16 months since this wonderful man has left my world and until I see him again in heaven I have a whole lot of time to fill. I'm certainly never going to replace him...it would be impossible but I also know he would want me to attempt to find someone to support me and make me happy through the remainder of my days.

So guess what...I started a Meetup group for Widows and Widowers age 55 + here in the Bonita area.

I'm thinking of it as almost a community service. There are SO many lonely seniors here in FL...soooo many!

I see it every day in my little consignment gallery. I strike up conversations all the time and find that a couple moves to FL expecting to live happily ever after and one of them falls ill and passes away. The spouse left behind is shell shocked. In many cases they do not have their family down here and now especially with the pandemic they are stuck here alone.

So I started a Meetup group and named our little social group 'Together We Are Stronger'...yup totally stole the name from one of my favorite Spark groups but it was so appropriate for highlighting the purposed of the widow/widowers group that I couldn't come up with a better name.

So my little group just went live and it's pretty exciting. Meetup.com 'Together We Are Stronger' Widows/Widowers age 55 plus.check it out if you'd like. I worked hard on the introduction and what the group hopes to achieve. Now the big thing is to find a venue for our first Meet and Greet. That will prove to be a challenge with all of the problems with the virus occuring here in SW FL. But I've got til mid Novemeber to come up with a place.

I've also recruited a few of my grief group friends to assist me. I really don't need another project (and this will be a big one because I expect a LOT of members to join...but I'm game for it. No one else has stepped up to fill this huge void and I guess I'm the one to do it.

I started a very successful Newcomers group many years ago so I have a good idea of the work I'm in for but again...we need a social outlet for grieving seniors and together we are ALWAYS stronger aren't we?

While researching for the Meetup group I stumbled across an online dating site and I'm finding it to be fairly successful in matching up my interests with some of theirs. Even if someone doesn't completely click I will at least have even more friends so it's all good.

I'm hoping our snowbird season comes back. I have great foot traffic in the gallery but no such great sales. I'm hoping that things improve as more people hopefully return.

So other than working hard to lose this lockdown and grief weight and looking around at the big ole' world trying to decide what is still in it for me I've been a busy bee.

I surely miss you my dear friends. I appreciate SO much when you check in on me and I can assure you that I'm always around even if I don't check in every single day.

Be good, hunker down for winter, VOTE, and be safe! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PICKIE98
    What's new?
    173 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    WOW This is wonderful!! Congratulations on your Meet Up Group emoticon .. Im sure this is gonna be a huge blessing for soo many people looking for the camaraderie!! Cheers emoticon
    185 days ago
    Hey, Bobbi. Just seeing your blog. So glad to see you are really engaging! Please be careful to stay safe when your new group begins to meet. Happy Halloween!
    187 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    You are finding your way every day.
    195 days ago
    Bobbi you are onto something very special. A group for widows and widowers is fantastic and hugely needed in every city and town. I'm thinking you will need a large venue for your group. Because of Covid would an outdoor venue be viable for afternoon meetings? Not sure how reliable your weather is. I'm so pleased to see that you are doing well and keeping busy. Nothing like a busy mind and hands. Oh Yes, Congrats on the weight loss -- no small feat.
    196 days ago
    Good for you Bobbi. We will be back in early November and hope we will be able to get together. Hugs and prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❣️
    199 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    A Mover and Shaker!
    202 days ago
    Good to hear from you, Bobbi. I am really glad for your weight loss, and I think it is really neat that you are organizing a group for widows and widowers.

    COVID has really changed thing for so many businesses, and for so many people's lives. It is much harder to get together with friends. The businesses that have remained open are struggling, except for essential services like groceries. People are getting careless about social distancing, and here in Oregon the virus is spreading. All we can do is the best that we are able. And try to be kind and supportive to each other.
    203 days ago
    great idea you have for a group . glad you are doing well Hugs
    203 days ago
    glad you are coping with the things life has sent you good luck with your group
    203 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Bobbi I loved reading this blog today. You are doing great and I think this is a great idea to start this group. Everyone needs to some form of companionship. I know your group will be a success.
    203 days ago
    It is so inspiring to hear about your spectacular weight loss and your continued commitment to staying healthy. And unlike the Fast Metabolism Diet that you worked a number of years ago, you aren't prepping food the entire day and night! You have to know your boys are beaming down rainbows and encouragement. It sounds as if the fog is lifting and you're finding some flow.

    What a great idea to start a meet-up for the widow/widowers who may just want to hang out and enjoy other people without the commitment of a dating site. So many possibilities there, for friendship and beyond. My DH and I are very much like you and Don were, in that we like being with each other. With one exception, my good friends live far away, and the last one standing will be moving to Phoenix in a few years. A group like yours will offer support to people in so many ways, with no commitment if they're not comfortable. (And by the term "in many ways," my mind went to something I've been wondering in my own life lately: who would be waiting as the designated driver for something like a colonoscopy or cataract surgery if DH isn't there? Something to ponder, I guess....)
    203 days ago
    You know Bobbie, I was thinking of you this morning, and was wondering how you were doing, and was going to drop in and leave you a message. And here you are. Sound like you have managed to keep yourself busy, and starting a new group sounds exactly what you would do. I would have never thought of something like that. It really is needed. I know several people who have lost there spouse, and would love to meet up with someone for a nice dinner out, but would never do it alone. And I would be one, but Larry still is here. That is one thing I admired about Larry's mom when his dad passed. She was a goer, and ate out almost once a day, and didn't mind doing it by herself, but was always up for family joining her, which we did often. But now with this C19 it makes it so much worse. Our local restaurant that we enjoy has closed again as one of there regular customers is in the hospital with it, and she has to totally sanitized the whole building. And she doesn't know when or if she will ever open again. Our other restaurant has been closed since March and everyone doubts if it will open again, so our little village has only the convenient stores now to get food. Have to drive to another town for a sit down meal out. So sad that the small business are taking such a hit and the big places like Walmart are doing just fine. Not fair at all. and they are just raking in the bucks.
    Glad to here from you, whenever. Linda

    203 days ago
    Way to go, Bobbi! You have a gift!
    203 days ago
    I check for your blogs through the Earth Angels team page
    every single day and am so glad to see when you post.
    Happy that you are slowly losing the weight. We are
    moving to the colder time of the year and I will need to
    get creative and stay active. Blessings on your days and
    your life and your new endeavors.
    203 days ago
    That is so wonderful! emoticon Wishing you the best beautiful emoticon Great job on your weight loss! emoticon
    203 days ago
    So happy to hear you are doing ok. You group will be so inspirational and helpful in meeting and supporting each other through everything. emoticon 👍😀
    204 days ago
    Great idea to start the group and the name is fantastic. I started a Newcomers group years ago and even though I moved away it's still going strong. I wish you all the best in making awesome new friends.
    204 days ago
    You HAVE been busy! Way to go!
    204 days ago
    204 days ago
    204 days ago
    This is so wonderful Bobbi! You are so proactive. I wish we had something like your group where I live.
    Your weight loss is amazing!!! WTG Sister!
    204 days ago
    Always wishing you the best. Is the site "our time?"
    204 days ago
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