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A Love Story-Tragedy Turned Triumph

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Actors are those who portray real life stories of ‘real people.’ It was 2004. The phone rang. It was our youngest, our ‘miracle baby.’ "Mom--come up and spend a night--there is a movie that you have to see but I want to watch it with you!"

We shared a box of tissues as we watched the beautiful love story of Noah and Ali.

I remember the first time I saw ‘my Noah’ walk into a crowded room. I did a double take and asked a friend, "Who is he?" I noticed his black hair, and tan checkered shirt and everything else about him, including his shoes. I watched from a distance.

Friends asked me to stop by after work from the hospital, still in my nurses uniform. There were several people there, and I saw him again. Later he told me he nudged a friend, and asked, "Who is that?"

We later met casually, but did not begin dating....Until one day. We were both at a huge convention and before we went home, I went to Disneyland with friends. There he was again. He asked me if I wanted to go on a ride with him. It would be the first of our ride through life together. In a dark tunnel, sitting beside me, he gently kissed me on the cheek. I was stunned.

Years later, we shared with each other what caught our eye the first time we saw each other..
He told me he loved my contagious laugh, and thought i was fun and 'ditzy.'

In 1980 we brought our infant baby home from the second of her five major surgeries. It was a snowy night---we lived in the country overlooking a lake but nearly an hour from town on a good day. I was getting her ready for bed, just fed her when i changed her dressing and to my shock, the sutures opened to her abdomen--a life and death situation.

Calling to my husband, i tried to maintain a calm voice--while telling him to call the hospital and tell them our baby just "dehissed!” I knew what must be done— I was formerly an ICU nurse, and this happened to my patient one morning. In a life and death emergency, he was rushed back to surgery! I immediately wrapped her--in warm blankets, and we raced in the dark on roads of black ice with snow coming so fast we could barely see the road. Yet, my husband kept going, racing along the sinuous roads.

A surgical team was meanwhile preparing a surgery room for when we got there. Since, she has been called our ‘miracle baby.’

Years later, I became extremely ill. My world suddenly collapsed and became very dark. I never felt more alone. Except for ‘my Noah’ … I became distant and hard to reach. My joyous laugh was gone. There on our bed, I laid propped up on pillows—and he read to me. Endlessly. His voice calmed my racing heart and soothed the fears.

Our love has endured strong and stood the test of time.

Actors who tell our stories may take home the Gold.... emoticon but my husband is my Star!
If you happen to remember the love song from The Notebook. You may enjoy this:

(It still makes me cry)
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