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Thursday, October 22, 2020

My local convenience store/Post Office is literally two minutes walk from my house.  My front door doesn't lock when you close it.  You have to use the key to lock it.  Not my decision - that's just how it was when I bought Base Camp.  The upside of course is you simply can't lock yourself out.  The downside [living alone] is if you've locked up for the night, no one can get in if you're taken ill.  Unless you've given someone a spare key, or have a key safe.  When my mother was still at her flat but vulnerable, I arranged for a key safe to be placed outside.  It was a god send on more than one occasion.  Something perhaps I should consider for this place. 

Anyhow, I needed to pop along to the aforementioned Store/Post Office today.  As usual, I locked the front door and popped the key in my purse.  It's not a large purse as you can see.  It slips over my shoulder and is big enough to hold my cash, my cards, and if I'm going further afield, my e-cig and mobile.  Oh and of course the obligatory face mask.

A few minutes later I returned to Base Camp and couldn't find the key.  No matter, it so happens I had my spare key in the back pocket of the purse along with my cards.  Once indoors, I emptied the purse completely.  No sign of the missing key.  Checked my coat pocket in case I'd slipped it in there without realising.  Nope.  I walked back towards the shop in case I had somehow managed to drop it.  No sign of it anywhere.  I know for a fact the spare key was indeed the 'spare' and I'm totally at a loss as to where the regular key has disappeared to.  

A couple of days ago I had an internet grocery delivery.  As ever I unpacked it and put it all away as per my normal routine.  First of all I put away any frozen goods - which amounted to some peas and some sweetcorn given I'm working on running down the freezers.  Then I put fresh produce away in the fridge.  Next potatoes and any veg that doesn't need storing in the fridge, finally tins etc.  Today I decided to check the dates on the fresh produce in the fridge.  As I was looking through I thought 'strange, I'm sure I ordered some chicken thighs'.  But there was no sign of them.  Double checked my delivery note and yep, it included chicken thighs for which obviously I've been charged.  

Did I have a mad moment and shove 'em in the freezer?  Unlikely given if I'm going to freeze them, I like to do them individually.  Still, I checked.  Nope.  Not in the freezer.  The tin cupboard, the veg rack, left on the table or kitchen work surface?  Hidden in the microwave or the oven for some random reason?  No, no, no, no - they are nowhere to be seen.  I've sent an email to the supermarket requesting a refund.  In my experience they're usually pretty good about such things. 

These things come in threes so the saying goes.  Or disappear in threes I guess.  I'm beginning to wonder if the third missing item is my wits!  

Bright blessings
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