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A Week of Journaling: Exploring Mindset

Thursday, October 22, 2020

One thing I think I learned from this journey so far... is mindset really is key. It's the key to success. When your set on what you want, and work for it every day, another piece of your billion piece puzzle falls into place.

I often refer to this journey as a puzzle. To me, it really is the best metaphor for it. When you begin your journey, you look for all the outer pieces... the ones with the smooth edges. The easiest pieces to put together. With these pieces, you create your framework, or your foundation. In this phase, this oh so critical phase, you are using easy and simple techniques to guide you...

Tracking calories, drinking water, minimizing treats, getting enough rest, limiting your portions, moving more, tracking steps, getting in a workout or two at the gym... the simpler tasks you know you must complete to be successful.

Once your framework is laid out, you start to move to the middle. Here, you may focus on one specific thing... like finding all the blue pieces to build together the sky in your puzzle... maybe here, you take something one step further and concentrate on that... like increasing your mileage little by little... or reading labels and avoiding processed garbage... moving to more clean eating... getting a personal trainer to help you improve your workouts. You probably will do this with more than one thing... putting together the different objects in your puzzle... switching your focus up, but never losing it.

As you get closer to the end of your journey, you have less pieces... and you think... YES! I'm almost done! But you find each piece is confusing and tough. You have to move it around a few times to get it to "fit" in its place. You have to try different things... maybe less carbs, or specific carbs, more fiber, more weight lifting... this is the part where it's easy to lose focus... but you keep trying, because you have a goal in mind...

To me, the pieces are the pounds we are losing.... Each piece represents work. This is so much work Spark friends. People who haven't done it don't understand. It's physical and mental. Sometimes, we get sick of our puzzle... we walk away from it. We take it apart and put it back into the box. Then, one day, we take it out again and start building. Each piece we put together builds up our confidence, and our belief in ourselves that we can do this.

We all can do this friends. We all can get to that last piece of our puzzle. And, best of all...

We can make it fit perfectly.

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