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2020-10-25 Are You ?

Sunday, October 25, 2020

when I saw this ... I thought of Wallahalla (hope you don't mind that I posted this)

I received an email with a whole grunch of photos to make me laugh... from a source that usually just writes me letters and sometime forwards a joke.. It was very appropriate... because I needed things to make me laugh today... You see, my daughter would have been celebrating the completion of 56 years of life today and 5 years plus 1 month of being a grandmother.... but in about 2-weeks ( 2-weeks + 2 days) we will be living the 5th anniversary of her death. Sometimes it feels like she has been gone forever.. and other times like it was just yesterday..
I think that everyone I know who might read this, knows exactly what I am saying.
We have all lost someone dear to us.
But, it is time for me to stop feeling sad for the loss of the what might have beens
and be grateful and happy for the good memories of what was.

So today I posted on the community feed some things I think would have made her chuckle...
now if only someone doesn't get offended and the powers that be take them down and slap my wrist for offending someone.

Why is it that if I don't like something someone posts... I just leave their post to find something I do like....and if I don't like what they have to post often enough.. well I just stop reading their post altogether.... So,,, if I can do that, why cannot others do likewise...
I just do not have the time nor the inclination to spend time searching out people who offend me or might offend someone else. Being offended and wielding the power to censor others is quite a weapon of discrimination in its self.

I guess I am just, dumber than a rock.

Oh, dear, my thoughts have wandered and my fingertips have been way to busy..

Pray that one and all are having a great day..
It is a bright blue sky sunny day here, and may, even be warm enough to not need a jacket by mid-day, especially if there is nary a breeze.

Please wear your masks and practice social distancing and the other health practices..
isolate yourself if you have the slightest thought that you might be contagious with any disease... even just a cold.
Protect everyone who shares your corner of the world... family, friend, stranger
If we all/each do our part..
We all will be protected and save countless lives, one of which might be our own.
(or the life of someone we love dearly and can never replace, ever)
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