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Monday - busy day - very productive!

Monday, October 26, 2020

My day started at 9:00 a.m. with bloodwork at the hospital. Then off to drugstore for both Ed's and my prescriptions. Next stop was early voting location - for our area, the half hour wait and standing outside for the wait was longer than normal. Next I went for my flu shot (normally get it at school but not being there meant I didn't get it at school - then, has to hit 4 places for the "high test" "old folks' dosage" but the other places were out of them. Next stop was the OTHER hospital for X-rays of my knee. Followed by a trip to my orthopedic surgeon for follow-up. There, he suggested he needed to see me in 3 months and I suggested because of the distance and the fact that 3 months would hit in January, we make the next appointment 6 months from now. He agreed that made sense and so my next visit is scheduled for April 26, 2021. From there I went to get gas - went 10 minutes out of my way because gas price is 40 cents cheaper in the other town. After getting gas, I stopped to visit my good friend who has been seeing more of Ed than me since she is on his list of special people that he helps out. He takes her to doctor's appointments, shopping, etc. I don't typically go that far out of my immediate area and haven't been visiting anyone. We had a great visit and she was thrilled to see me. Before coming home, I stopped at Wal-Mart and got some new nightgowns and underwear (don't like to make Ed buy those things for me and don't like ordering online). Got home at 6:00 p.m.! Long day but lots of stuff accomplished! When I got home, my bloodwork was already posted on my chart website. Blood sugar levels VERY bad, cholesterol, and other bloodwork mostly pretty good though. I discovered that the doctor didn't request them to check my Vitamin D levels so I emailed him and will go back if necessary. They were low a year ago even though I take 50,000 units a week - if still low, they might want to raise the dosage.

Now, I am definitely ready to start my school week tomorrow!

Be blessed and remember that YOU are a positive force in the universe and especially in the lives of the people you encounter in your daily travels through this life!
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