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Once You Stop Learning--You Start Dying---A. Einstein

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

As much as I love writing, if asked to write about formicide, my page is blank! I simply have no inner specialist for the subject of ants. However, I am always learning. In Proverbs, we are told to consider the ant. What could we learn from these industrious little creatures To apply to our lives?

Do we think of them as pesky little creatures - identical to their peers? My knowledge of ants could fit into a small thimble with room left over! I don't know if an ant farm, has mini tractors to plow and till the soil, nor if they wear micro bib coveralls. I quickly lost head count when trying to determine the size of their population.

I am not sure if they have emotions, if they laugh or cry, or if they say grace before meals. Do they have brothers and sisters, experience sibling rivalry, and have a family tree with rich ancestry? Do they have best friends, and do they have names? What does mommy say when she calls them to dinner? For these questions, I have no answers. But that does not stop me from learning, and in studying their behavior, I find things that can benefit my life!

What I do know, is they work exceptionally hard and long hours, without pay. I cannot dispute they have purpose as they scurry along hot sidewalks. I often wonder if they go so fast because their tiny feet are burning, or did they hear the dinner bell and want to take their place while the food is still warm?

They are equipped to climb hills through burning sands to complete their mission! If I held my ear to the ground, I heard hustle and bustle .... They all work together, pulling their own weight! I also learned they have ‘superhuman’ strength!

Can we who are big not learn from something so small? Such examples of what hard work and unity can do!

Please understand, while many comments on "ants not welcome in their homes" the message was never really about ants--per se' .....But what we as human beings can learn from their diligence!

Did you know—If an ant is successful, it leaves a new trail marking the shortest route on its return.. wikipedia.org … I call that intelligence!
Thanks for reading today!
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