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The Accidental Roast

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Or Day  Four of the 17 Day Firebreak Fortnight!     

The illustration I posted with my 'Fall Back' * blog on Sunday regarding the clocks going back, suggested adjusting the cooker clock by pressing every button in different combinations.  Which would, it said, result in the accidental cooking of a roast dinner.  It's true.  I did indeed cook a roast.  And a dish of cauliflower cheese 'cos you know - never leave a spare space when you've got the oven on anyway.  What's more, I wasn't even trying to change the clock!

It's very rare for me to cook a roast dinner just for myself, and even rarer for me to cook a whole chicken when I'm not cooking for anyone else as well.  I even stuffed it with sage and onion stuffing, sausage meat, and an onion as if I were cooking for more than just myself.  Blame it on the clock changes.

Yesterday I stripped the left over meat off.  One leg went in the freezer for Ron [later on].  The second leg also went in the freezer with the remaining sausage meat and stuffing for 'Ron'.  The rest of the meat went in a container in the fridge.  I used some of it to make chicken, coriander, jalapeno and coriander wraps for my dinner last night.  The bones went in a pan with some water to simmer.  My intention was to deal with that today. 

Except I should not have joked yesterday about "Day Three of the 17 Day Firebreak Fortnight completed - assuming insomnia doesn't keep me awake all night".  Because natch it raised the ire of The Insomnia Devils hence they decided to plague me all frigging night.  And I do mean ALL night.  I had forgotten to reset my Lumie clock so instead of starting to light up at 7 a.m it commenced at 6 a.m  Not such a big deal you may think, except I was still awake having been tormented all sodding night by the b@stard Insomnia Devils.  I buried my head back under my quilt and finally managed to drift off.  Woke again at shortly after 9 a.m  

Amazingly I remembered I'd planned to weigh myself daily for the next week or two.  Wish I hadn't.  The scales said I'd gained 2 oz since yesterday.  Granted that's negligible on the face of it - especially the way our body weight can fluctuate so much even within a few hours, but it's hardly an auspicious start.  I have felt shattered all day.  Best I 'fess up here and now - I didn't do any exercise at all today.  Nor did I deal with the chicken stock/bones.  I'll have to do it tomorrow. 

The best I could manage was a kind of chicken, ham and mushroom carbonara style dish.  Some of which will also be for 'Ron'.  I'm so tired though I can't decide whether to top it with haloumi or brie.  Then again, feta could be good.

Day Four of the 17 Day Firebreak Fortnight is ending in a cheese conundrum.

Bright blessings

* www.sparkpeople.
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