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I got growled at...by a hen!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Last night I went out to put the girls to bed. With the new heating system, part of the process is to lift the nesting box lid and turn the heater switch on. Well, I can never resist petting my pretty girls and gave Rosie, who was right there laying in the nesting box, a little pet. She was NOT pleased! She made a trilling noise that sounded like she was rolling her R's and ended on a high note clearly telling me, "Hey! Don't touch the feathers, lady!" She is a bit persnickety and at the top of the pecking order amongst her sisters, but I had no idea she had the ability to growl at me. lol Now I know that it is not acceptable to pet her after she's settled into her box at night. Lesson learned!

Work today was slow. I was thankful for that as it gave me the opportunity to catch up with backlogged stuff, but it would be nice if it were steady, smooth and even. Slammed and then dead is not my preference. We are losing a receptionist tomorrow, who has only been with us for a couple weeks. No replacement has been hired, so things might get a little hectic again. Everything seems so up in the air right now with all that is going on with our country and our world, it's really hard to get anyone to even come in for an interview these days, let alone show up to work the first day. To actually find a reliable employee with intelligence, integrity and energy seems next to impossible. I'm hearing times are tough all over right now in this respect. Many are afraid to come to work or feel they can't for fear of getting sick or getting someone they live with sick. Some have just given up altogether given the direction the world seems to be going. It's all a bit disheartening.

On a brighter note, I am hearing about lots of parents going the extra mile to try to give their children as much a sense of normalcy as possible and getting ready for trick or treating, so that's good. I think maybe we might get some little ones ringing our doorbell for candy after all this year! If not, I'll just make a treat for the girls, the growly fowl and all!

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