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Day 7: This Is What Optimism Feels Like

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Admittedly, I haven't gotten a lot done yet. I'm still not super functional yet. My right side is still in a lot of pain (I can't expect a miracle instantly) but if you want an indication of how much improvement I've made, I went from not even being able to walk 1000 steps in a day to walking around 4500 steps yesterday. Am I overdoing it? Probably. That's what I always do. It's in my nature. But I can't help being excited to get some functionality back. I actually dressed up a bit cute yesterday and I'm still a bit in awe of the fact that I'm up doing things now and that I have relief from some of my pain. I'm still getting used to the new meds so my focus hasn't been great, still kind of in that fog cos my brain is like: what's going on? yet but I'm slowly adjusting.

Nutrition: I've got to get the ambition to meal plan and track back up again. It seemed so boring for some reason yesterday. Normally I love it. But yesterday I think I was just on such a cloud of pain relief. Anyway, I didn't have much appetite and I think that's because now my topamax and wellbutrin actually kick in with their appetite suppressant effects. Because my body would be hungry but psychologically I just wouldn't feel hungry.

Hydration: I'm wanting soda less and less now. Water and coffee are just becoming more appealing. Just going to go back to drinking sparkling water again instead of soda.

Exercise: Made a new exercise plan. The one I had made didn't excite me and felt too easy. I even added some cardio to this new plan. I don't think there's anything too strenuous on this new plan but if so I'll alter it.

Sleep: Sleeping was ok but I still don't sleep much and still wake up feeling bad.

Cigars: Cigars really help with pain relief so I just can't give them up. They also help tremendously with morale. So I don't care what people think. I know for my health I shouldn't smoke TOO much, so for the sake of that I'll try to make sure I don't go overboard, but I'm not cutting it out completely.

General Health: Well, I'm definitely on the road to health at this point. I've just started my recovery, but I've had a pretty great start.

emoticon Weight Loss Progress/Bloat/Inflammation: Still have inflammation in my right side but it's slowly going down.

10/27/20 283 lb 50.6% bodyfat
10/27/20 280.8 lb 50.3% bodyfat

I've lost almost 9 pounds in the past 3 days now. All from reduced inflammation. And 0.3% bodyfat. So I knew the reason I was having so much trouble losing weight wasn't my own fault. I had tried everything. At a certain point you're kind of like, yeah, something else is going on here. Especially because when I'd start exercising a lot my weight would go up. I'm sure you guys remember when I'd post about that, that me gaining all that weight when I'd exercise and count calories that my weight would actually go up even though I was much fitter. Yeah. It was cos I was getting more inflamed. So I was 100% right about that.

Motivation: I'm actually a bit sad. I just kind of feel bad that I put so much work my whole life into fitness and stuff and thought I was making so little progress because of the number on the scale and because my body didn't appear like it was supposed to or work like it was supposed to and I was in all that pain, no pain pills ever worked, and it was all because of inflammation. Kind of tragic in hindsight.

Meditation: Meditation has been the key to everything.

Keep Sparking! And never EVER give up.
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