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Ring That Bell

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Or Day  Five of the 17 Day Firebreak Fortnight! 

Tossed and turned again last night but The Insomnia Devils weren't able to keep me in their grip for quite so long.  I slept a little later than usual so in all got almost six hours.  Not ideal but not too shabby.   Still sticking with the temporary plan of a daily weigh in and found I'd 'lost' 14 oz which obviously was better than yesterday's gain of 2 oz.   So to recap, Monday I made sure to get my 30 minutes exercise and my reward was to gain 2 oz.  Yesterday due to being so shattered I didn't exercise and yet I lost 14 oz.  OK I know [as indeed we all know] that it isn't as straightforward as that and obvs there's going to be a time lag between what we consume/burn and our body's response.  Without even considering other factors.  Still, I found it kind of ironic.

I'm trying to ensure I get 30 minutes of exercise each day - yesterday notwithstanding.  It was chucking down again today [it IS The Wetlands after all] so I thought I'd probably have to do my 30 minutes on the exercise bike, glider thingy, and rowing machine.  However, there was a break in the rain so it seemed like a good opportunity to at least get a ten minute walk in.  Turned left out of my front door and set the timer for 5 minutes.  Once it went off, I crossed over the road and started walking back.  Another five minutes done and amazingly, it hadn't started raining again.  I turned off into the side streets figuring I could just keep resetting the timer at five minute intervals until either it started precipitating again, or it became too painful.   Very conscientious of me, no?  I've walked those side streets quite a few times and some of them are VERY steep. Believe you me, they sure give your glutes a workout.  Do it every day and eventually you'd have a cuter, more uplifted ass than you could ever dream of.  Incredibly, the rain held off, and eventually I totalled 30 minutes walking, which possibly is even more astonishing than the lack of rain.  I was briefly tempted to continue but my back and knees were absolutely complaining so I thought it best to quit whilst I was ahead.  

Decided against cooking up the rest of the chicken meat so popped it in the freezer for use later in the week/next week.  Mainly 'cos I wanted to focus on the stock.  I'm a sun worshiper so love the summer.  The heat, the long light evenings - works for me.  Sometimes though I think maybe spring is my favourite season.  The signs of new life, the lengthening of daylight, the promise of summer to come.  All seasons have their beauty though. Early Autumn is almost like spring in reversal.  But it brings its own pleasures.  Even as the buddleia's are dying, so the fruit bushes are bursting with their bounty.  Like a child, I still love to scrunch through the fallen leaves. Back 'home' I used to walk over the park to watch the squirrels collecting their nuts.  I must find somewhere local to do that.  

Late autumn brings the fun of Halloween and bonfire night.  Both cancelled this year of course.  I never put the heating on until at least November, sometimes December.  Back at the old place, if it was a particularly cold evening, I might treat myself to an open fire.  Despite having installed a wonderful fireplace that I got secondhand from gumtree for £100, I can't light a fire because due to how messed up this year has been, Peetee hasn't been able to fix the chimney.

Which left me with one other compensatory option this evening.  The first stew of the season.  Hence I decided to concentrate on that.  It looks somewhat anemic but oh my it smells divine, and tastes even better imho. 

So every season has its joys and compensations.  Today though I got news that was better than Halloween, or bonfire night.  Better than scrunching through leaves, or harvesting berries from the fruit bushes.  Or open fires.  Better than the first stew of the season.   Better than the first signs of spring.  Better than Easter, birthdays, summer holidays, or even Christmas.  Wrap all those things up in one joyous gift.  What, what, what, can this wonderous news be I hear you asking.  Today, Nursey finished her treatment.  She is done with both the chemo and the radiotherapy.  Her mother gave Nursey a bell so she could ring her own 'end of treatment bell'. What a wonderful way to mark the day.

There was a period when Nursey and I spent most of our weekends together.  We'd cook a meal, have a bottle of wine, talk, laugh, play music, and dance around the room.  We had our own favourite playlist.  So I sent her a message saying "add this to the playlist".  I have such happy dancing feet at the moment that I've already 'strutted my stuff' to it twice and probably will do it again before the evening is out.  So as a byproduct - that's at least another 16 minutes 'exercise'.  Not that it feels like exercise. Please, feel free to join me and my happy, happy, dancing feet.


Day Five of the 17 Day Firebreak Fortnight ends in a blaze of bell ringing glory.

Bright blessings
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