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Grocery Shopping can be an ordeal-

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

8am and we finally have daylight---Himself is outside with Big Beau and Old Tess--
I even stayed on the Dreadmill for 16 minuets this AM., waiting to see some sun--usually I just do my 10 minute stint at this hour--

We have to wait until it's light before the Germans (as in dogs ) can go out-
-A Fella who lives up the highway, put his 2 small dogs out and almost before he could get back inside, 4 wolves were on his deck, and had one of his poor wee dogs in its mouth-, carrying it away into the bush.
The story had a good ending however, as he chased the wolf , in his slippers---- and eventually the wolf dropped his dog, and it ran back to him---
-a horror story for sure!

Beau is pretty big to be carried away, but, life is better in the daylight when one can see---

Yesterday I did groceries--- himself used to come with me--not anymore!
I went early---no line up---which was good----
It was a large order--lotza fruit, veggies, milk, eggs--canned goods---
Our prices have sky rocketed-
What I used to pay $150 for, now is $270 ----and there was very little meat.

I wore my mask--only one Lady recognized me and spoke-- but--mostly, people don't talk--
I drove back home--lugged the bags in---then--- had to run upstairs and down, AND wipe out the frig--to put it all away--

"Why are you so tired?" Himself asked me, as I slumped into a chair for lunch.
"You know, I don't know," I replied,"I do this all the time and it seems , since the Pandemic, it takes it's tole on my nerves."
Of course Himself, who never accompanies me anymore , cannot relate---

Lord love a Duck! --Is it "Pandemic stress?"----the wandering in the store, picking up this --then that, not talking to people we know--even avoiding being close to them----
The whole store is quiet----no laughter--no chatting-- no hugging a friend ---"Get in there and get out"--
I flopped into bed early last night ----exhausted--happy to be home, where we pretend life is normal--at least , inside our homes!

The good thing is, we are all here--and we try to stay strong!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I miss grocery shopping. I am literally hating Walmart because my husband makes me go on that damn site every single day.
    11 days ago
    I've never enjoyed shopping much, but I do miss visiting with the friends and neighbors I used to inevitably bump into at the store or post office.
    19 days ago
    the pandemic is stressful. I hate lugging groceries
    23 days ago
  • JERICHO1991
    16 minuets? Made me feel like dancing!
    23 days ago

    Yikes! Wolves.

    24 days ago
  • LGRIF22
    I go out in the dark every morning for a walk with my neighbor and her og. Luckily we don't live where there are wolves! That had to be very scary! Hubby now does most of our grocery shopping...usually wants me there too. Prices have certainly gone up here too. Wish I could get hubby to buy fewer treats. It's even dangerous to ride in his car. Pistachios are good for you up to a point. I end up eating too many without counting. He says "It's good for you to resist temptation! Just be stronger!" He usually eats nothing until about 2 PM. I refuses to buy into his diet... :)

    24 days ago
    Grocery shopping is a hard job! There is nothing easy about it. Now the arrows make you watch the way you can go. Your item is on the one going the opposite way. I am very tired when I get home too!

    Sometimes my husband goes and he helps and sometimes it makes me miss things because he wants to get done and out!

    Blessings to you and may you get a bit of rest!
    24 days ago
    yes it is the stress from all of this I am sure and the stress of the mask an the stress of the higher cost so glad that you are getting threw it all
    24 days ago
  • ELLIE381
    24 days ago
  • JILLIAN0216
    The wolves would scare me. Love your neighbor chasing them off in his slippers.
    24 days ago
    Hoping you can all stay safe with everything there, fur babies as well. Hugs.
    24 days ago
    We noticed skyrocketing prices in the US!
    25 days ago
    Our daughter has been doing our grocery shopping. One nice thing, she only buys what is on the list. No junk in the house! I'm the gabby type, I talk to everybody!
    25 days ago
    This summer we subscribed to a CSA (community supported agriculture) program at a local farm, It probably was a bit more expensive than the store but all fruits and veggies are grown locally here in Ontario. First year we did this and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of having veggies we don't normally eat. We have decided to extend our subscription for the winter months where we pick up the goods every two weeks instead of every week. Am looking forward to seeing what we get.

    25 days ago
    We are seeing a rise in prices here. A 10 pound bag of sugar is $9.50.
    We use that is baking for farmers market but not much for us. That will
    be done this weekend. I am ready for a slower pace. We try to wear masks
    everywhere. The number of COVID cases has gone up too much to
    take a chance.
    25 days ago
  • CARD512002
    My grocery shopping is this morning...My husband always goes with me, I am okay with it. We both cook so it is easier when he goes too so he can get what he need to fix what ever he is cooking.

    Glad to hear that your neighbor got his dog back safely.

    Have a great Friday

    25 days ago
    I haven't known higher prices except on Romaine lettuce. People here are very chatty in the store - or maybe it's just me.
    25 days ago
  • LIS193
    We stocked up yesterday at our favorite Aldi store. It’s over the state line and as of today the “borders” are closed, so only shopping in our local grocery store.
    Pandemic stress is real! This new normal is wearing thin..
    25 days ago
    25 days ago
    Grocery shopping is always a bit of an ordeal, I think. I'm glad my fridge is on the first floor - putting groceries away can be more of an ordeal than shopping for them - if stairs were involved it would be worse.
    25 days ago
  • KIMBER2245
    Prices have gone up here too. I try to keep with just picking up what is on sale. I took my Mom ( at almost 82 ) shopping today. She was so happy to get out and to be able to do her own shopping. I've been doing most of it for her since she got a nasty MRSA infection in her knee last year and had to replace the replacement again. We wore our masks in the stores and were so happy to take them back off each time we left a store. Other than any fresh meat or veggies that we may need, we wont need to go back out shopping until I'm ready to get our holiday turkey and hams. emoticon
    25 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    I am so happy that my husband goes with me for the big grocery shopping, and yes I have found even here in Texas the food prices have gone up. our bill yesterday was almost &225. and never use to pay that. Yes, we did get more meat that our usual big shopping, but I get tired of running out before another big shopping. Right now I am spoiled as he will go get what we need in between big shopping days.
    How scary about the wolves going up on a porch to grab a dog. So happy the fella got his dog back. When I lived in northern Minnesota we had to keep our eyes peeled for wolves and bears especially in the winter. That is why the dog incident is scary, as it isn't even winter yet, that they shouldn't have to watch their dogs so closely this early.
    Wishing you a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend.
    25 days ago
    Hope you have a fabulous Friday
    25 days ago
    I noticed that there were several comments about your blog not being linked on the Start page, so I looked at mine (I seldom look at it...) and realized that all the featured articles at the moment are Spark articles, no member blogs. Looks like they are "improving" the site again...

    25 days ago
  • no profile photo LAH1222
    Way to go with extra minutes on the dread mill. We have coyotes in our area that go after cats and small dogs. Years ago we had a raccoon attack our dog and our oldest daughter beat the raccoon back with a broom.
    25 days ago
    25 days ago
    Ugh, we turn our clocks back this weekend. While I'll enjoy the morning daylight, I can't stand it when it gets dark at 5pm.

    That poor little doggie - must have thought his number was up. I'm so glad that the wolf dropped him. That owner must have been on the verge of heart failure! I would have been.
    I'm sure that Covid stress is a real thing. I think a lot of us suffer from it. Add less daylight, and it's sure to be a loooonnnggg winter.
    25 days ago
    Keep hanging in there!!
    25 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your friend. Your blog is always first when I go on my page and for some reason it hasn't been coming up the last three days. I was worried something happened to you. I look forward to your blog everyday!Keep sparking stay safe and well! Thanks for making me smile!
    25 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Lynda, good for you getting in some extra time on the dreadmill. And oh, wolves that close to people, that would really scare me. Best to not let pets outside without you being there and take something for protection!

    Grocery shopping tires me out too and I so dislike the change in the stores. So quiet, it doesn't strike me as friendly anymore, except I always go to Zehrs, have for years, and I really like this one particular cashier, she talks and laughs with me every time, makes it all worth while, eh?
    I'm staying strong, have to! emoticon
    25 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    25 days ago
    I talk to my daughter who works in a store and asked her if she talks to people. she said everybody talks she had one lady tell her she misses her nice smile. Lot5s of people know each other but strangers do talk too. Sure seems it would make shopping more unpleasant to shop!!
    We have wolves here who have attacked dogs while the owner is walking with the pet. One man actually wrestled the wolf and got the dog loose. Yet they protect the wolves and if you shoot one you are in trouble. Doesn't seem fair does it.
    My daughter tells me when people ask for things they just blame it on the virus.
    25 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Oh, Lynda!
    At least here we greet each other (if we can recognize each other in our face coverings!) - from six feet apart and with masks on!
    I guess you could try and say 'hi' and see if anyone answers.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
    We have all witnessed the higher prices in the stores. I kind of think it's because of what is now part of our lives which makes it more difficult for the stores to stock up.
    25 days ago
    That is scary about the dog. Glad the story ended great. And the doggie is safe!!!

    Yes grocery shopping is a lot more stressful. I realized the other day it is not that we don't want to talk to others we just don't recognize a lot of people with the masks. Plus we are all focusing on trying to get our shopping done and get out of there as fast as we can. For me it is trying to find stuff in the store. We are out of the strangest things - some times it is water, this time I could not find pearl barley - have no idea why. It took me two grocery shopping days to finally get all I need to make soup. Only to discover thank heavens before I made the soup that I had gotten rid of all my containers because they were old and I sure had BPA in them. But I had never replaced them. And I would like to make enough soup that is lasts a couple of day!!! So that means another day I need to go shopping. By that time I will need to replace the veggies and fruits I have eaten!!

    It is an ever ending cycle - and for me it is very stressful.

    Pray for peace
    25 days ago
    I do the weekly shopping too. Our fridge broke so we need to stock up again this week.
    25 days ago
    You got off to an early start this AM

    I'm glad you waited tiil daylight to walk the dogs. Keeping them safe. You are a good fur baby Mom

    Enjoy your weekend! I'm off tomorrow so I have 3 days off emoticon

    25 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    Our fridge does a great job of keeping produce fresh for weeks. I wash romaine and celery, wrap it in linen dishtowels, insert in 2 gallon bags and it keeps beautifully for a long time. But haven't been able to buy romaine for weeks and guess it is due to wild fires in CA destroying farmland. I miss my romaine as I don't care for iceberg.
    Can easily go a month without going for produce and have plenty of meat in freezer and lots of canned goods. Place orders for paper products, bathroom and cleaning supplies and they are put right into our trunk. I think this may be the way of future shopping. (But I'm so fussy about bananas, we do run out of them.)
    25 days ago
    25 days ago
    Yes, don't let thoses darling Germans outside til light. Don't be poking your nose out that door either. The wolves love the old and infirmed (easy targets). I saw how they looked at my mother when we went to a wolf preserve in Idaho I believe it was. (((HUGS)))
    25 days ago
  • GABY1948
    emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
    That had to be scary for that poor little dog. I'm glad it has a happy ending.
    25 days ago
    I understand the stress. People say I can't do as much as easily cause of my age. Hmm...think that's i? emoticon
    25 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Happy Thursday!!
    25 days ago
    Yes, things at my store are pretty quiet, too, but then I am there as soon as it opens. People are tired. Words can be muffled by the masks. It really is a lot of work to be understood sometimes. Glad you were able to get in and done! We take turns. I go to Walmart, he goes to Sams. So my DH understands when I'm a wee bit tired, but it's the cleaning that wears me out!
    25 days ago
  • CAROL19453
    I’m so glad I found your blog again. I was so disappointed when it stopped being posted as your blogs really have been cheering me up during this ordeal. I agree about the shopping and that’s my chore for tomorrow. You are certainly right about the prices skyrocketing. I guess it will get worse come the winter when most of our produce will have to be trucked in. Oh well I guess we should just concentrate on keeping safe these days. emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
    I whole heartedly believe Pandemic Stress is very real and many of us suffer from it! The simple things take so much effort and the sitting around mentally taxes us all.

    I'm glad you are being safe with the wolves around! Carry a stick when you walk maybe. Be safe!
    25 days ago
    Glad he got his dog back emoticon no fun shopping anymore
    25 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    25 days ago
  • no profile photo BRENDAJACKSON2
    Glad the dog was safe. My dog got attacked by a pit bull yesterday. As you know, they are illegal here (Ontario) and it was in Toronto. Fortunately she has a lot of fur around her neck and some guys were working across the street and came over when I started yelling so she's ok. Don't know what would happen with a wolf or coyote! So scary. I've noticed the prices too. Even Walmart is more expensive! I'm tired a lot too - never thought about the mask contributing. emoticon
    25 days ago
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