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Thursday and overcast and drab.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Well, here are are on a Thursday again. Only good thing about it is that we are one day closer to the election being over. So tired of all the added garbage in the mail box. my gad, how many trees are they cutting down for these daily fliers that go right in the recycle bin. Everyday, day after day, same thing. And don't get me started on the phone calls, or the TV ads. They promise the world and then they are in for centuries, and do nothing. Such a world we live in.

Moving on: this morning was grocery shopping day, as hubby was out of milk, Lordy Lordy, that is dire situation. Then found out that the milk he likes has been bought out by another company and what use to cost $3.89 is now $4.39, guess they want there return cost the first years. We will see if it taste the same. if it doesn't hubby will be really upset. First they took his pop away, and now his milk, and him being like me, and not a water drinker, how do we get our daily liquid. Me it coffee, and him use to be pop and milk. lol

No Missions today, as am in a slump, so why write them only to not do them. So will get done what I get done. So you all Have a GET day and stay safe. Linda
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