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Rinse and Repeat

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Or Day Six of the 17 Day Firebreak Fortnight!   

Reasonable [ish] night's sleep I'm relieved to say.  Weighed in this morning and seemingly I'd 'lost' a further 1lb 2 oz since yesterday's weigh in.  Frankly I found that astonishing.  Let's not get too excited though.  I'm fully aware of the vagaries of weight loss - not to mention how the scales can fluctuate wildly.  Tbh, each day I'm expecting the other shoe to drop.  I'm totally cognisant of the fact that on any given day I could step on the scales and find I'd seemingly gained 5lb overnight.  Sh!t happens you know.  Especially when it comes to the scales.  Still, 1lb 2 oz - not so shabby eh?  

The rain held off for a while this afternoon so I decided to get another walk in.  Might as well whilst I can.  Particularly as we're currently restricted as to what we can do outside of the house thanks to the 17 Day Firebreak Fortnight.  Off I went to the 'side streets' again.  Took an even steeper route today.  All I can say is if I carry on like this - Pippa Middleclass, eat your heart out!  Did 30 minutes then thought I'd try and do a further five.  My back was already screaming but it started totally screeching at me.  That, combined with needing the loo and needing it NOW led me to head straight back to Basecamp.  In total I did 33 minutes which is also not so shabby eh?

Besides, a little 'controlled' boogie took me over the 35 minutes.


Although I like to 'batch cook' and make up big pots of various things, I don't usually like to eat the same thing over and over.  Usually stuff gets put in the freezer for 'Ron', which of course gives me a selection of homemade 'ready meals' and means some days I don't need to cook at all.  Because yes, even as someone who loves to cook, I still have days when I don't feel like creating in the kitchen.  Or I'm busy, tired, whatever.  But oh my, the first stew of the season was sooooooooo good that not only did I have it for dinner last night, I've also scoffed it for lunch and dinner today.  I doubt much, if any, of it is going to be left for 'Ron'. 

Day six of the 17 Day Firebreak Fortnight  - has been rather stewpendous.  

Bright blessings
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