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Sunday, Monday ~~~ Friday!!! Whoa! What Happened?

Saturday, October 31, 2020

MAMADEE's BLOG ~ SP Day: 5307
Friday, October 30, 2020, 11:06 PM (my local time)

It's been a week of adrenaline rushes; one after the other; barely time enough to recover one round before the next one begins. I'm even thinking that my adrenals may have gone on strike now, or taken a vacation! I know I certainly need one! emoticon emoticon emoticon

I am so thankful for Bach's Rescue Remedy!!!
Although I've not taken so many doses in a week since my divorce & custody court battles were finalized! That was 20 years ago now!

Sunday actually was matters involving my ex, my two youngest daughters, snowy weather, and driving. Be it the subsequent events of this week, my own personal defense system, or some other reason, I'm not able to recall many details of that day - just the feelings.

Monday didn't seem so ominous ~ until Tuesday...
I drove a close friend to her new dentist for an urgent after hours appointment. Three weeks ago a tooth became abcessed and even with antibiotic treatment the infection spread, facial cellulitis began... 2 ER visits over the weekend with swelling from her neck to her forehead, and incredible pain resulted in this appointment. Solution was to remove all her teeth. She was fine with this - they'd been in bad shape for years and she hadn't been able to afford to do anything about it. Now, things are different & she has insurance for this. I was waiting in the car for 50 minutes. She came out a bit wobbly, mouth stuffed with pads to absorb everything, so obviously she couldn't talk. But I know her very well & something was definitely not right! As I got on the highway headed back home she began crying; sobbing & shaking. I asked if she wanted me to pull over for a few minutes and her body language was loudly saying NO - JUST GET ME HOME! In her driveway, she signed a thank you and went inside. I did check up on her the next several hours by texts... and then again after some sleep. It wasn't until late in the afternoon on Tuesday that she began telling me of the horrific, barbaric treatment that went on in that dentist's office!
She asked more than once if the 'laughing gas' was on - and was repeatedly assured it was!
She never...I'll repeat that... NEVER felt woozy, light-headed, giddy, or any of the other known feelings people tend to have while being given this gas - N.E.V.E.R for even a second during those 50 minutes!
She was in so much pain her whole body was shaking, at times she was screaming!
The assistant made attempts to hold on to her hands/arms to keep them away from the dentist who was ...
giving several injections near each upper tooth, pulling the diseased teeth out, and causing multiple times she was feeling the pain of the yanking & pulling while hearing the cracking of teeth or possibly of bone(s) as this continued non-stop until all the upper teeth were out.
Of course, a huge amount of infection was also suctioned away during all this. But that relief paled against all the pain & suffering my friend endured - and tried to get them to stop - repeatedly.
When the uppers were done the dentist paused to ask if she was ready to have the lower teeth worked with - most of them would go too. My friend refused and said she could not take anymore pain right now and needed to leave. They tried to make her stay! She got very panicked & began hyperventilating & tried to explain... but just grabbed her purse and headed to the door. She says she cannot go back there - ever! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Wednesday we (me & 2 girls) were returning to my home after some medical appointments and a stop to pick up dinner from a restaurant. In front of my apartment door were several police officers talking to one of my upstairs neighbors. Filling the street (and blocking me from accessing my parking lot) were a total of 10 police SUVs, one a K-9 unit; and a Fire Dept rescue truck, and an ambulance!
Holding my neighbor's door open was an empty gurney (from the ambulance) and 2 officers in full SWAT gear - the helmets & rifles stood out most for me!
One girl carried dinner to my place through all that ahead of me & my other girl, who remained next to me as we had parked farther than I'm used to and had quite an obstacle course for me to navigate safely with my 2 canes... and hope we can spare me a sudden fall.
As I got closer to my door, we were approached by another resident, also I think, one of the maintenance guys here, confirming what apartment we were in & headed to; then telling us he heard a gun was fired upstairs and went through the floor and maybe through our ceiling & he hadn't been able to find out if anyone got hurt downstairs! As soon as we opened the door we knew my other girl was fine & relayed that info to him and went inside & closed the door... until officers knocked on it again.
My one daughter that lives with me was home, heard the shot, then heard the new baby crying, but until officers came pounding on the door she took it to be more of the "odd stuff" we've been hearing up there the last few weeks.
The shortest version of events - the lady upstairs has a toddler & a newborn; she also has been allowing others not on the lease to stay/live there; one of those people has been buying drugs; that person still owed money to the dealer, who came to collect and ended up shooting someone and then running without his money or his drugs! He was gone before any help arrived.
One thing we have surmised is that IF that bullet had passed through our ceiling it likely would have come down around MY chair - so we're thankful I wasn't home at the time.
There's so much more in the details of all this - but, suffice it to say my adrenaline was pumping still well past midnight that night!

And suddenly, it's Friday!
Thursday was lost in a fog!
Sunday through Wednesday are all mashed together into one long on-going crazy time where I can't recall much of anything that I actually did... it's all such a mess!
I need a break... seriously!

So after this blog I will be gone from SP... sad to say... but not for long!
You know me - I LOVE SP! emoticon
I've done a lot of reading recently -
The Obesity Code
The Diabetes Code
The Complete Guide to Fasting
Bright Line Eating
and I've been plotting out a new direction for me to move in my health journey.
One that I want to begin in a place of peace & calm, with determination for success.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

While all my loved ones, including myself, are fine in the aftermath of this week's events; it's all given me pause - so many different ways any of these events might have ended differently, more tragically.

So - time away - time focused on ME - getting me "re-centered" and more completely prepared to move ahead to the next level of healthiness in my journey - that's what's needed right now!

Not sure how long this absence may be, but I will return... can't leave my teams too long now, can I? emoticon

I thank all of you for reading all this! emoticon

I'm ending this October early!
So until next time,

PS - Oh! If you must reach me - send a spark mail - I will still be checking emails so I'll know if I get any sparkmail.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow! What a lot your have experienced.
    Dr Jason Fung's work is so inspiring. It's part of the reason why I do intermittent fasting. It works for me.
    53 days ago
    Wow! Hope to see you back here soon, and positive!
    67 days ago
    Just WOW! The treatment your friend received sounds absolutely barbaric. I wouldn't go back there, either!

    As for the neighbor problem, it really is good you weren't home when that shooting happened. Lord have mercy!

    Hugs and hope this weekend and the week ahead is MUCH more calm!

    82 days ago
  • LOF7203
    Thanks for sharing
    82 days ago
  • EOWYN2424
    have a great weekend!
    82 days ago
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