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Could Anyone Ever Replace YOU?

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

To operate a vehicle, we understand traffic lights and obeying laws.
We are so programmed-to what those signals mean.

But do we know all there is to signals? What about the signals we send our brain every hour of every day?

Could we redirect the traffic of our speeding thoughts--after all, should all be obeyed?

I use this as an example because I hear people using a yardstick to measure self-worth against someone else: It is nothing new.
We welcome our new next-door neighbor; at which time, when asked, they say they are a “brain surgeon.”

Does our brain send a signal causing us to inwardly cringe before deciding not to get to know them further….
“A BRAIN SURGEON!! I’m just an ordinary such and such………….” Nothing special.’
With that comparison, we may miss the chance to get to know a really fine person, separate from their occupation.

How many times have we heard, “I’m JUST A homemaker or a housewife---to my husband and three children.”

JUST A...... OR ONLY A ….I know from my experience “ONLY A homemaker” is no cake walk! A mother is on call 24/7 .. with little pay, little thanks, little recognition, and little time to herself. It is a selfless job, that combines, wife, nurse, accountant, (doing the banking) juggling finances, cooking, cleaning, counselor, and need I say more? All while trying to keep a smile for all she serves. and repeating the next day.

Or a gentleman muses, “I’m just a sanitation worker---chuckling, “I know it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.”

Does not the brain surgeon have need of the ‘garbage collector’ and a homemaker have need of doctors, plumbers, electricians, and so forth? There is no one position, trade, or profession that is more valuable than another. When all do their part, our society flourishes.
Therefore, we should never say or think: ‘I am just a such and such … ONLY or JUST.”

In Summary: For all who contribute to our country, from brain surgeons, bankers, clerks, grocers, plumbers, mail carriers, sanitation workers, teachers, truck drivers, mothers and more, I give thanks for each person who help make a society of people, giving their skill and doing their best to serve the community for which we live.

My Dad used to tell me: "No one who puts in an honest day of work should ever feel ashamed." ... How can we measure the worth of one by using a yardstick to compare?

Back to YOU—Does everyone know what YOU know? Could anyone ever truly replace you?
(Not referring to jobs per se', But more so our loved ones and our pets?)...

Thanks for reading friends!
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