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Friday, November 13, 2020

This is a quilt I made for my daughter many years ago. When she was a college freshman, she ran her first marathon at the urging of her older sister. She won her age group and her time qualified her to run the Boston Marathon. That was 1990. She continued distance running and each year her time qualified her for Boston. However, she did not travel to compete there until 1996

1996 was the 100th anniversary of that iconic race. There were 44,000 participants.

She had run track and cross country in high school, but was never a team “star”
Yet she liked it and kept running on her own. Her longest race before her first marathon was 10 miles.

I accompanied her to Boston in 1996 – a memorable experience for both of us.
Afterwards I decided to make this quilt of some of her race T-shirts.
I began with the motto from her HS cross country team:
“The Race is Not Always to the Swift…but to Those Who Keep on Running”

I included the logo of her gym at Virginia Tech where she met her future husband while they were both pumping iron. The final addition was the logo of the 100th running of the Boston Marathon.

My last blog was about my challenge of decluttering. This quilt is not part of it.
Karen already has it. It’s all about the effect of her experience on me.

When she joined her HS team, I decided to see how far I could run. I had always been active and fit – walking, biking, aerobics and a gym membership since she was a baby. Anybody remember Spa Lady?

My attempt at running lasted exactly 15 SECONDS. Karen encouraged me and helped me to improve by baby steps. Run 15 seconds, walk 4:30 and repeat until 30 minutes. Add 15 seconds to the run interval each week and decrease the walk accordingly. It took 6 months but I ran my first 5k in 30:30. You always remember your “first time,” right?

I never did get much faster and certainly never won anything, but I did collect a lot of race T-Shirts.

I thought one day I might make a quilt for myself and saved several of the prettiest, most memorable ones. Most I just wore every day after work to workout or to relax at home.

Then a strange thing happened. As the years went by and I kept running, suddenly I was winning age group awards. There were ribbons, medals, mugs with the race date, a terrific beer stein and even trophies. After retirement I added more and displayed them.
Remember I had never won anything in my younger days. I joke that these are my “longevity awards.” They are now part of my “clutter”

Covid put an end to racing as well as our travels.
I did continue to run minimally to keep up a basic level of fitness.

Local races are always done for charity. Sparkers Slenderella and Onekidsmom blogged about participating in some virtual and socially distanced events.

OK, I can compete virtually – mostly with myself. Why not?
The organizers even sent me T-shirts

Virtual award certificates take up less room especially when digital
and will not have to be “decluttered”

For the record there were only 2 of us in that age group.

Then there is this event.
If you saw me in this shirt, wouldn’t you think I was one tough old lady?

Maybe you wouldn’t read the small print on the back
“One hundred miles or more in 100 days”

If you have read this far, thank you.

Shout out to Alicia323 whose accomplishment also gave me the final push to start supporting these local events. Look at her cool award!


Note: this blog is not about encouraging anyone to run. Remember, the best exercise is one you enjoy doing and will continue to do. There are plenty of alternatives out there.

Note #2: The wedding gown photos in my “awards” picture is my mom in 1943 described in my blog of Nov 6th and DD Hayburner1969 in the same gown that I had restored in 1992 when she got married. She was the only family member petite enough to wear it, but had to buy another since a gown worn in November in the mountains of PA was way too warm for an August wedding in VA.

We had a studio portrait done anyway since I used the 2 photos for the album covers of the 5 decades of photos I made for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

Edit: I edited a bit from the first version just to clarify the dates in the blog.
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