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Thursday, November 19, 2020

It was our first Thanksgiving. The year we had to wing it!’
.........:::And with such great intentions!....

Turkey in the oven. Check.
Side dishes prepared. Check.
House cleaned. Check!
Ready to impress our company! .. Check!
Hubby on board---Check-mate!
What could possibly go wrong!? Don’t ask.

The Butter-ball turkey was in the oven. No need to babysit and baste.
We could gather around the table for serious things!
Like Monopoly! And arguing over property and money—lol.
Outside the snow continued to fall, while we sat nestled enjoying
each other’s company.

Then it happened!
Hours later--My Father in law was first to pipe up.
“How come we can’t smell the turkey?”

Like the herd in an old-fashioned stampede-to the kitchen we went!
We were aghast to find “someone” forgot to turn the oven on!
Now mind you, this was Thanksgiving—we lived in the country-covered
With snow and icy roads. Nothing would be open! Nowhere to go.

There was no pizza guy to deliver in a pinch! We were stranded! And hungry!

This is where we had to ‘wing it.’ Literally!

Hey—How does peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sound?” With a side of cranberry sauce!
We survived the day—untraditional and not one to repeat. lol

BUT—for years to come each Thanksgiving I got the phone call. It was my father in law, who had the memory of an elephant Asking, “Did you remember to turn the oven on?” Following by raucous laughter!

I never lived it down......But that’s ok. ...😊...To spread laughter is a good thing...
And though my FIL in passed and the phone calls stopped, I still remember the joyous laughter from that special Thanksgiving—the time we had to ‘wing it.’
We can live without a turkey, but a day without laughter. That’s a different story.

Thanks for reading-and Happy Thanksgiving!.... emoticon
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