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My Hope for the Future is in my Freezer

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Friday, November 27, 2020

The official day designated for being thankful and eating lots of food is over.
Our children and grandchildren stayed in their own nuclear families.
Their in-laws, who regularly included us in their HUGE family celebrations, let everyone know “nothing this year”

On Tuesday DH came home with this humongous turkey, frozen solid. Huh?

Me: It will never thaw by Thursday and 2 people cannot eat 20 pounds of meat when it finally does.
DH: (Pulling out the sales slip)
It was on SALE! It cost $.29 a pound. $5.80 for all that meat!
Me: That’s the same reason you give me for buying Mrs. Smith’s pies. What a bargain!

DH: It’s for the FUTURE.
Eventually this will be over and we will all be together again

I love him. 53 years married and 57 “together” and he always plans for the better times that he’s sure are coming. We should be in the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand this month.
Still he keeps the brochures and our cancelled travel itinerary on his desk for “next year”

During that horrible year he was in Vietnam, he sent me a set of china that served 12 people.
We had one little baby and a tiny extended family. He was in the jungle (Corps of Engineers) every day, not in any relatively safe rear base. I feared every knock at the door.

It took decades but eventually we DID need dinnerware for 12, even augmented with some of our daily unbreakable Corel.

So, whenever I open that freezer, it will be my visual reminder of hope for a better future.

DH: Even the black plague ended eventually.
Me: True, but it did kill half of Europe first.

Yes, hope is necessary but we must make wise choices to ensure the future we want.
Hope for the future but take precautions to stay safe in the present so we will be around to participate in that future.

September 1969 before leaving for Vietnam, Joe had a little talk about the future with Baby Jeannie (Hayburner1969)

Keep hope alive any way you can.
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