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just sayin’ … what’s holding you back ???

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Well, my last blog was very personal for me. Sadly, there are tons and tons of us who didn’t come from Leave It to Beaver households. Oh, how I wanted to run away from home and live with the Waltons. Why didn’t I ???

Well … that leads into RuthieBear’s question … what’s holding you back???

I’ve had several days to marinate on this question … but I’m still stalled. Hahahaha … I crack myself up … get it, stalled, holding you back, stalled. Ok … I’ll quit stalling; I mean farting around.

I wrote this on a much admired Sparker’s blog recently without editing myself … just let the feelings flow:

Suffering through changing long standing behaviors is TOUGH. Certain behaviors may have served me at the time … but very quickly became self-sabotaging. Short term suffering/uncomfortableness to change those behaviors … is doable.

Short term suffering to change is easier than the long term / recycling suffering of being over weight.

Dang !!! All this whining about not getting to do what I want at any given meal … sounds so … ummm, bratty. Feeling deprived and punished, diet mentality, woe is me !!!

The struggle/uncomfortableness comes from doing things … differently than you mindlessly do what you have always done that is NOT working.

When in actuality … if I would just follow the rules for an entire year that I broke repeatedly for ages and ages … I would be at my goal weight. A weight I have chased for decades now.

Do your training.
Run the race.
Cross the finish line
Get your trophy.

Dang, girl. Why are you making this harder than it truly is??? You ate for allllll the wrong reasons. Now … eat for the right reasons. Just follow the rules.

Eat when physically hungry.
Choose foods that fuel your body.
Chew your food s-l-o-w-l-y and mindfully … enjoying it.
Stop when comfortably full.

In the words of OverWorkedJanet … Let's allow ourselves to get this right.

More exerts from Steve #98:

Fat people allow others to knock them off track.
Fit people know how to say no.

Fit people know the importance of blocking out negative influences and learning to ignore the opinions of middle-class thinkers.

That’s why fit people get comfortable saying no to even the slightest compromise in their diet.

The question every fat person must ask themselves is: am I willing to stand up for myself and stick to the diet, or give someone else the power to reinforce my old losing habits???

Fit people have learned how to say no to themselves and others.

Critical Thinking Question: Have you learned how to say no to people who may unknowingly try to knock you off track???

Action Step: Make a decision to distance yourself from people who refuse to support you in your fitness goals. Your life is at stake, and this calls for drastic measures. Just say no to spending time with people unless they are in harmony with your biggest goals and dreams.

Ummm … you may have noticed I am a bawdy Texas woman who has no problem saying what she thinks … as well as knowing how to spell … N-O.

Food pushers don’t really bother me.

I bother … ME.

Just do it … already. No matter what.

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.

**Within this blog is my longwinded thoughts based on my reading and humble understanding of from Steve Siebold’s Die Fat or Get Tough and years and years and years of searching for thinness and … self-peace
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Eat for the right reasons! Yes, yes, yes!
    42 days ago
    We do know the rules that lead to weight loss and you did a fine job of listing them -

    Eat when physically hungry.
    Choose foods that fuel your body.
    Chew your food s-l-o-w-l-y and mindfully … enjoying it.
    Stop when comfortably full.

    I recently read something that goes along with what Ellen said -

    Think about what you are gaining instead of what you are giving up. In other words, say "YES" to the good stuff instead of "NO I can't have this or that".

    It's all about perspective!
    42 days ago
    Lots of life challenges still “trying” to hold me back...that’s what I’m saying no to.
    Many times it’s not about other people but our reactions to them...ouchy. But yes there are negative influences everywhere and most difficult if it’s family members. I ask myself, what can I do differently if I can’t change the circumstance. But really, developing strong habits and identity that I eat this way because it’s good for me can win the argument in my emotional head. Easier said than done but we keep working on it.
    I’m loving WATERMELLEN’s insights. Even if not eating intuitively but still following a plan, we can say yes to so many nutritious choices rather than the no, no, no and creating rebellion.
    42 days ago
    Well, for me I had to start saying yes to myself. And STOP saying no to myself.

    Yes: I can eat the good stuff. When I'm hungry. Yes, I can take care of myself with dignity and respect and tenderness. Whatever it takes, I can trust myself to do it. Regardless of the lack of care I might have received as a tiny child when I could NOT take care of myself. NOW I can. Yes I can.

    No, I don't have to be fat. No, I don't have to carry around all the excess weight . . .commemorating all the food I ate that I didn't taste and didn't enjoy and which didn't nurture me.

    SO important to turn it around. SO important to be saying yes yes yes.

    Not to be adopting all the no no nos. I had enough of those to last me a lifetime.

    So long as I saw weight loss and weight maintenance as "following the rules" and "disciplining myself" and being essentially as harsh and as unkind to myself as the treatment I'd received . . . and denying myself the "comfort" of self soothing with empty nutrition foods -- well, is it any wonder I couldn't stick with it?
    43 days ago
    Yup! We have to always remember we have the power. YES!!! We DO. So . . . what are we waiting for?? No better time than now to get ourselves together, to use our power to make GOOD choices for ourselves, and quit listening to sabotaging voices.

    43 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    WE know ourselves better than anyone else emoticon and that's where the real challenge lies. the first hard is so much more rewarding than any other hard you can encounter. Oh emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    43 days ago
    Just do..there is no try
    43 days ago
    43 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Happy Hump day
    43 days ago
    43 days ago
    Wow. It's actually really fun listening to you arguing with yourself and telling yourself off. NO. So much power in that tiny word. Keep going, all this soul searching that you're doing is going to pay dividends emoticon
    43 days ago
    43 days ago
    I am my own worst food pusher. And the argument: "but I want it"! Or "I don't care!" is a personal road to sabotage.

    But the truth is, when I am HONEST with myself (and honesty is vital to success)... I DO CARE! I care to feel healthy and fit!

    And when I keep that right in front of me, it's a whole lot easier. Yep, we can do this! emoticon emoticon
    43 days ago

    We have to say no to ourselves!

    It seems we have many people cheering us on. Spouses who really don't sabotage our habits as much as we'd like to believe. Good menus and plans. Clothes waiting to be worn again. What happened? We listened or didn't listen to ourselves.

    So, what's your excuse? I've got none for me. All it takes is saying...NO!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    43 days ago
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