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Those scales and what they say

Monday, February 22, 2021

Lately I have been trying to weight myself a bit more often, at the minimum of once a week, but aiming to twice aweek. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes not. Yesterday I ate my breakfast before I remembered it's weight-in day, so I did the deed today.

I was very disappointed that all markers have went to wrong directions. Muscle mass was a bit down, weight and body fat % were a bit up. I know these fluctuate and I can only see trends on the longer span of time, but I admit it dampened my spirits a bit.

I have been doing resistance training about twice a week, one HIIT workout a week and the rest of the time PIlates, and while (mat) Pilates isn't a great calorie burner, I have been able to start doing the more advanced sessions, of which I am very proud.

I have been eating pretty healthy, the last time I had an actually unhealthy treat (2 pastries) was February 12th. I have had some higher calorie intake days, but each day my calorie burning has been at least equal, so I don't really understand this. I feel like I have been more like on maintenance calories, rather than surplus calories, as last week I had 4 or 5 days when my calorie burning was over 2000 per 24 h, which is extremely well for me.

Well, not much I can do other than keep to the plan I outlined yesterday, and see where it goes. Try my best.

Today is a HIIT workout day, I am looking forward to it! I am going to do this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?

Tomorrow is Pilates, then Wednesday is lower body resistance training, then Thursday Pilates again, and Friday is full body resistance training workout, and usually I have one free day in the weekend, and on other day I go on a long walk and maybe do Pilates or long stretching video.

Lunch today will be Finnish macaroni casserole, I made a large batch yesterday, and froze 3 portions for the future. I will serve my portion today with half a plate of salad (probably purple cabbage and orange). I made my casserole healthy.

I have also a loose plan for the rest of the lunches for this week. All are healthy, but as always I will need to watch out the portion sizes. I will keep taking photos.

Today I will pop at the grocery store to buy few things I've ran out or am running low of, and I can then push my large online order forward, to Friday or Saturnday, maybe even next Monday. This way I can save some money.

Here are photos of some of my meals from the past days:

Macaroni casserole and salad:

Casserole: whole wheat macaroni, textured soy protein, broccoli, onion, garlic, celery, bell pepper, soy milk, chickpea flour, spices, a bit of vegan butter for cooking the soy protein, a bit of cheese and polenta on top. Served with sugar free ketchup. Salad is mung bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage, radishes, green bell pepper.

Soy yogurt, kiwi fruits, muesli (no added sugar):

I have been reducing how much I put muesli on my yogurt lately. It used to be much more.

Lentils, chickpea sauce (which was not "light" to be honest, but it fit to my calorie budget), salad:

Breakfast, whole wheat bread, light margarine, light cheese, self sprouted mung beans:

I decided to start waking up earlier. For now 30 minutes earlier, but will work my way towards 1,5 hours earlier, little by little. This morning was my first day waking up 30 min before I am used to, and it was very easy. I think I can get my waking up time to my ultimate goal of 6 AM pretty easily.

Have a good Monday everybody! Dispite what the scales say!
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