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My 2 babies

Monday, March 01, 2021

My 2 babies

Both about 16 to 18 lbs. each, ten and eleven years old.
poodle = baby boy
terrier = little baby

emoticon Poodle = I found wandering on MY street, matted, so sad, Finally after the 3rd time seeing him, I took him to the humane society.
A month later he was STILL there with kennel cough and I immediately went and adopted him for three hundred and something dollars. NOTE: original price for the dog $600.. I had to WAIT until the price went DOWN to $350.
btw, the Humane Society for pets told me the owner came to claim the poodle but refused to pay the cost of carrying for him, feeding him, psychical exam, tests, shots, shaving the MATTED HAIR OFF, etc...
Once adopted by me my Baby boy is attached at the hip to me, even follows me to the bathroom and if I sit he has to lay across my feet OR sit next to me literally on the couch LOL.

head tucked in a blankie next to me on the couch

emoticon Terrier, TINY, 7 lbs, Tied to a pole by a house. The family went on a 4th of July VACATION and abandoned their dog in the street, someone tied the dog to the house in the pouring HARD rain on July 4th holiday... I had let my dog out in my front porch and heard this SEVERE crying from a dog and I didnt care if it was midnight we was going to FIND the dog crying... me and my son both got in our cars to drive around to no avail... came back and my son who has better hearing than me realized the crying sound came from a house TWO doors down from me, wow!!! I rang the bell, banged on the door to no avail. My son released the dog and I took off my coat, lifted him and covered him with my coat and the hard rain HURT MY SKIN... imagine how it would feel on a TINY malnourished dog with NO SHELTER to protect his tiny body from the rain, no food, nothing...... so sad.

Took lil baby to a vet hospital, found out he only weighed 7 pounds... I paid for a checkup, shots, etc and dog license at the hospital and in my mind DARED the owners to try to claim this poor baby they abandoned.
2 weeks later, The little boy from that house walked by my house one day and said oh that's MY dog... he must have been 12 yrs old ... and I said if this is your dog, ask your parents to come to MY house as I want a word with them, I will wait.
Do you know they NEVER came to claim the dog, never put up a lost dog signs, nothing. Ugh! Clearly they abandoned that tiny dog. lil baby is very attached to my son.

so these are my two babies...

lil baby likes to lay near the toy Pillows

they are extremely close and bonded emoticon
both napping together
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