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A new day, a new mindset

Friday, March 05, 2021

Good morning friends. Got in a really great workout yesterday morning, came home showered and got ready to hop on two conference calls for work then headed up to spend a few hours with Ryder.

When he saw me a huge smile appeared on his face and the first thing he did was take my glasses off.. and then he touched my face and we were off to play.

He's getting really strong, his crawling is improving, he is developing core strength, fully lifting himself to sitting position, he is nimble climbing through the legs of his bouncy chairs, he spend more time under them then in them these days.. we spent hours just playing, reading, singing, I fed him his lunch, he was in charge of the grilled cheese, I in charge of the mashed veggies. He is holding his water cup and drinking but he refuses to hold his own bottle.. it is almost in defiance. LOL.

He and I were so at ease, he did not search for his parents once.. my son was there in another room working and Col did stop in during her lunch hour for a few minutes but she came and went and he didn't bat an eye when she left. When it was nap time, I took him in my arms and gently rocked him to sleep where he stayed for an hour, breathing deeply and evenly. A loud noise from the kitchen caused wide shocked open eyes for about 3 minutes, then he lulled back out in a new position on my chest.

Before I headed up there I had a banana and some almonds.. the thought of food never entered my mind while I was there.. got home around 530 and Big D who had a pretty exciting day himself, he made it next door and had lunch with Nan and Pop, was in the mood for shrimp parm so we ordered from the local pizzeria. I ordered a rib eye steak wrap with mushrooms and onions and made some baked onion rings I had in the house. I also ate a bag of the 100 calorie chocolate chip cookies from Aldi's and there was a moment at the counter with a spoon and breyers carb smart salted caramel ice cream.. oopsy.

This morning I did my bible study and came here, but I am multi-tasking.. got the vaguely familiar Available message next to the local CVS I need to sign up Pop, but on the next page it keeps saying please wait we are loading appointments.. been doing the dance for 35 minutes now.. but I will persist and today it is with much less annoyance. But I did say yes to filling out the survey about their web-site when I am finished.. which who knows when that will be.. but today is a free day.. nothing on the calendar.. some reading, some cooking and painting. I am going to rewatch a video I watched a bit of last night with a tutorial on a beautiful painting and attempt to recreate that in my version. I was originally going to paint last night, but by the time it came on I just wanted to kick back and relax.

Also, I had been toying with an idea and then someone commented the other day how she loved how I had put the daily verse on one of my paintings and asked if it was photoshopped.. it was, but I had already thought about buying stencils and making them because I really liked the effect too.. My style of painting is more "wild" or free flowing, and I enjoy it much more than when I allow the brush to go where it wants, rather than trying to focus on getting the details just right .. I feel like it is a great background canvas.. we shall see, but that is #wherevermyheartleadsme.

Now I must go back to the CVS site where the screen has moved to sit tight, we'll help schedule your appointment soon. I am in such a great place due to my visit with Ryder yesterday that it isn't even getting on my nerves.. yet - 🤣😂😅 then Yoga because I will probably need to reinforce my zen before I go on with the rest of my day!

Have a fabulous Friday... Be kind, be patient, be your best you whoever that is today! Namaste!

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