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Yummy Smoothie Recipe
Monday, June 09, 2014      4 comments

So this is my favorite smoothie recipe at the moment for summer. 8 oz of pure pineapple juice, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, a few chunks of fresh pineapple, and a a few gogi berries... Read more
People Magazine Ultimate Diet Guide
Friday, May 30, 2014      8 comments

Wow, what a day. As many of you know I'm living overseas right now so I woke up to an email from my Mom asking if I knew I had been featured in People Magazine again. Well, no I sure didn't. I had been interviewed a few months back and told they... Read more
Why I'm breaking up with the stop watch
Monday, February 17, 2014      13 comments

So I've always wanted to be a runner. I want to fall in love with running. I want to be that girl that has a bad day or is stressed out and instead of stuffing her face with oreos she goes for a 5 mile run. Yea…… still not that girl. First probl... Read more
Killer Valentine's Day Workout
Friday, February 14, 2014      2 comments

So 3 rounds for this one. 3 min spin on the bike 20 wall ball shots 20 kettle bell swings 7 pull ups 20 medicine ball slams 1minute rest in between each set... Read more
Today's Work Out 2/10/14
Monday, February 10, 2014      4 comments

So I've been messaged a couple times about what a work out looks like for me so I figured I would just blog it and let everyone see. Right now I'm coming off a pretty rough hip injury so there is not running at the moment or a ton of legs. So re... Read more
Hello Hello
Wednesday, January 22, 2014      3 comments

Ok so I haven't blogged in forever! Life got crazy and I mean crazy! So after a year of being a single Mom due to my wonderful hubby living not the other side of the world we have now joined him and currently living in the UAE. This has been qui... Read more
5k Update
Wednesday, May 08, 2013      3 comments

So it has taken me a while to post this but I had my first 5k in 3 years last week. Woke up to a cold rain. It is May in NC… I mean really 55 and rain? So unlike us for May, but anyways. I was already having a moment since my first 5k my guy ran... Read more
Why I love this picture
Monday, May 06, 2013      8 comments

Well first of all after several question and personal messages asking who my new super hero guy was. Ta da! Isn't he handsome? Anyways, he reminded me of this picture today and I had to share it. To remind everyone to enjoy the simple moments. T... Read more
I love a good fight
Sunday, May 05, 2013      3 comments

I must admit my new fitness addiction, is fighting my husband. Now before everyone panics let me explain. My husband loves brazilian jiu jitsu and mma style fighting in his spare time. I never really gave it much thought before, but after getti... Read more
Yes it jiggles
Saturday, May 04, 2013      5 comments

I have to say this blog will be reliving one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I am asked all the time about having extra skin, of course I have it, yes it is a problem. I try to look at it as some badge of honor, that I did this th... Read more
OK now I'm even proud of myself
Thursday, January 24, 2013      11 comments

Ok so if you have followed my blog you would know that the other day I was super proud of myself for running 2 miles without any walking. So today I hop on the treadmill. I would much rather be running outside, but it is 30 degrees outside and I... Read more
Kettle Bell Kool Aid
Tuesday, January 22, 2013      6 comments

Ok I'll admit it. I've drank the Kettle Bell Kool Aid. With my crazy schedule between my life and my daughters schedule my work outs in the gym are long gone and using a home gym. So "the man" has several kettle bells and loves them for work out... Read more
New Chicken Salad Addiction
Sunday, January 20, 2013      3 comments

Ok guys, so I'm always on a time crunch and looking for a simple solution of something to eat. I saw this recipe for buffalo chicken egg rolls, but I deconstructed it for a super simple chicken salad. I took boiled chicken (3 pieces), a bag of c... Read more
Holy Fat Girl Lungs
Thursday, January 17, 2013      12 comments

Ok so this is going to sound crazy to many, but today I ran two miles. No not a huge distance but let me explain why this is such a HUGE accomplishment to me. Ok back story for a minute. I've been fat since kindergarten, had asthma growing up, d... Read more
Out of the dark
Tuesday, January 15, 2013      10 comments

This has been an interesting blog to decide to write. I have really taken some time off from writing about my weight and work outs etc. So here we go. I am back on spark people and back on working out again. Life kinda got in the way and then ag... Read more

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