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The voices in my head & my Dad’s jacket
Wednesday, March 11, 2015      26 comments

I have a half marathon in 11 days. I am not well prepared. In January my allergy/asthma triggers (perfume & cigarette smoke) sidelined me for a week. In February a night out with friends resulted in food poisoning and another week lost... Read more
I broke my own rule and bought running shoes online
Monday, March 09, 2015      20 comments

It’s been a personal choice for me to support my local running stores. “Local” is a relative term out here in the country. I’m between two cities so I have a 40 min to 1 hour drive each way. Fortunately, I only need new shoes every 6 months a... Read more
The Mystery of the Missing SPAT – a “Who Done it” Story
Tuesday, March 03, 2015      27 comments

More precisely it’s a “What Done it” because after more than 2 days of searching I can blame the disappearance on “Dustin” our “Roomba.” That’s the robot vacuum cleaner that my son gave us a few years ago. Our grandchildren named it afte... Read more
A Tale of Two Weeks
Monday, February 23, 2015      25 comments

I like Spark Trophies. I once insisted to DH that we had to walk for 10 more minutes so I could reach the next level. DH: They send you a trophy? Me: No, I get an email with a picture of a trophy. DH (Rolling his eyes): Let’s go. ... Read more
Icebound in South Central Virginia? Look at my boat!
Saturday, February 21, 2015      22 comments

It’s not like I planned to go for a sail or a cruise on the lake, but this was a surprise this morning. The sailboat is 25 feet long. That’s a lot of ice. ... Read more
When a night out goes terribly wrong
Wednesday, February 18, 2015      20 comments

I posted the short version in my status Monday morning. A few hours after dinner at a local restaurant, I began having GI issues which continued until the next morning. Monday: The only activity I did was to log into Spark to get my poi... Read more
Thinking about pregnancy at age 67
Friday, February 13, 2015      27 comments

No, I’m not announcing or planning a medical miracle. Blame it on the Beatles. My choral society is performing a concert of Beatles music and through the months of rehearsals I’ve been digging out my old clothes from the 60s and 70s. I ke... Read more
Destination Walmart – my long walk
Wednesday, February 11, 2015      23 comments

First of all, why Walmart? It’s not one of my favorite places for several reasons I won’t list here. However, suddenly they are the ONLY place that stocks my organic yogurt (Stonyfield - plain and their non-flavored Greek variety). I buy both... Read more
Tai Chi and Me and my search for a “perfect” exercise class
Monday, February 09, 2015      21 comments

I have belonged to a gym or some kind of fitness center for 40 years, beginning with “Spa Lady” in 1975. Back then aerobic classes were 20 minutes long and we jumped around shoeless in leotards, tights and sometimes even leg warmers. I lik... Read more
Can this be called food?
Tuesday, February 03, 2015      26 comments

Yesterday, my errands were taking longer than expected and I was hungry. While standing at the “express” checkout with my 2 bananas, waiting for the clerk to get a “price check” for the customer ahead of me, I was attracted to this display. ... Read more
Look, I have a complete rainbow now!
Monday, February 02, 2015      20 comments

Last week I wrote that my plate was all shades of orange and resolved to add green. Ending my first successful week, this dinner includes my turkey meat loaf, sweet pota... Read more
I HATE reading! Does that shock you?
Friday, January 30, 2015      24 comments

Of course it’s not true. I’m here every day both reading and writing. I read mostly for information and to stay connected to the world. My taste in fiction leans toward historical novels. What if your child came home from school and said... Read more
Cardio, Strength Training, Flexibility, Balance – trying to work on all aspects of fitness.
Thursday, January 29, 2015      19 comments

I like physical activity. I always have. However, I don’t like all options equally. Cardio – no problem! I don’t even need music or companions or TV. Outside, nature is enough. Indoors, I’m content with my own thoughts. Strength T... Read more
I love my SPAT - It’s not perfect but neither am I
Wednesday, January 28, 2015      15 comments

I like that it (SPark Activity Tracker) keeps track for me, both the “workouts” and those random steps throughout the day that don’t fit the “10 minute of continuous activity” standard. Yesterday when I saw the results it posted, I was a bi... Read more
Remembering pizza - thanks to Spark Guy’s Sunday blog
Monday, January 26, 2015      30 comments

Today I’m thinking about all the pizza I ate while growing up in Brooklyn, NY. Living in a neighborhood of immigrant families from all over the world, one thing we all had in common was that we ate lots of carbs. My heritage was pierogi an... Read more

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