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GABY1948's Blogs

It DIED :(
Wednesday, November 11, 2020      18 comments

No, nothing really horrible but John's computer died. He is definitely set in his ways (who isn't) and we shall order a new one the worst part is we do not go with Apples . I HATE when things go bad. But that is LIFE! Hope you all have ... Read more
SO tired from a VERY BIG DAY
Sunday, September 27, 2020      22 comments

Today was one of the days that John preached the service at church. As always he did an amazing job of it and everyone was thrilled that it was one of his weeks to preach the service. He always does well but today was outstanding! Everyone w... Read more
Catching Up
Wednesday, September 09, 2020      22 comments

I hope everyone is having a good week, or at least a better week than I have. I won't complain too much, though because my complaints are nonessential considering the problems many others have.. I'm not ill, or losing my home and land, or anyt... Read more
Driver's License, Vehicle License and Covid 19 Part 2
Wednesday, July 15, 2020      18 comments

I know everyone is in confusion/fear/things not going right. That was yesterday's blog. I won't be long because there is no explanation for what is going on now. I explained in yesterday's blog about my truck and drivers license renewal and ... Read more
Driver's License, Vehicle License and Covid 19
Tuesday, July 14, 2020      17 comments

Well, My driver's license is up on the 22nd of this month and also my new tabs for the license plates on my vehicle. We have known they were coming and we paid and sent for them all about 2 months but nothing came and nothing showing online fro... Read more
Tuesday, June 30, 2020      24 comments

Yes, we have babies....well we have had for several weeks but I couldn't get many pics because they were so tiny and with mama and mama was ner... Read more
I Battled All Day With This
Monday, June 15, 2020      26 comments

I don't know if it will help me feel better or not but I can't let it go by without mentioning. Most of you remember that my younger son died in 2018 at this time just after I got home from my long Sepsis hospital stay. And today would have b... Read more
Happy Memorial Day
Monday, May 25, 2020      16 comments

No matter what you do today remember we are all free and very blessed to be. It's very hot here in MI 80 F already and humid but gorgeous blue skies. ... Read more
More Trouble in MI
Thursday, May 21, 2020      17 comments

I just finished watching the news on tv and found out many places have been hit with dams being torn down from the water at least in Midland. There are many other places near it where there is flooding too. We are already praying for them ... Read more
Is That SNOW Again Out There???
Friday, May 08, 2020      17 comments

Yes, we are experiencing one of our "CRAZY Michigan Days" here! Since I got up there has been every kind of spring weather there is!!! And it looks like sun and blue skies is up next! It has been nicer going to the store now because ever... Read more
Back Again....Hope for Awhile!
Wednesday, April 29, 2020      25 comments

Seems there are a lot of deaths and funerals lately. I got a call yesterday from my best friend a church. When I picked it up all I could hear was crying and sobbing but I knew what happened. I recognized who it was though. A very good frien... Read more
Quick Blog - Internet down ALL DAY
Friday, April 24, 2020      19 comments

I am madly playing catch up because our internet provider had a problem and had to wait for new equipment I will catch up tomorrow! ... Read more
Faster Makes Me BEHINDER For Sure!
Thursday, April 23, 2020      22 comments

This past couple weeks I feel like: The FASTER I Go The Behinder I get!!!!! Does anyone know what I am talking about???? ... Read more
Another Senior Day At Walmart!
Tuesday, April 21, 2020      16 comments

Today was our Senior Day at Walmart!!! They made some changes that helped for sure! We got up at 4am and dragged around getting ready to go. It would not have taken him saying it twice, but if he had said, "let's not go today" I would ha... Read more
Anyone Else Tired of This?
Monday, April 20, 2020      25 comments

I'm just throwing this out there. Probably sound like a spoiled brat, but is ANYONE else like me right now? I am so tired of worrying...about Covad 19 and going to a grocery store or ANY store. I don't know that it will ever end. Thankfully ... Read more

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