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Monday, July 25, 2016      7 comments

Feelings Feelings come and feelings go Some highs and some lows To the mountain heights Or sliding down flights Over the gloomy land of depression Filled with oppression Through the raging seas Of poor little me's Up a... Read more
End of Summer BLC Round and Feeling the Blues
Friday, July 22, 2016      5 comments

Well it is the last week of BLC for this round and then it starts up later next month again. I am thinking I need to go on a new team. I need more support and communication, I will probably go on a team that I was on before. I like to converse ... Read more
Time To Renew My Goals
Friday, June 24, 2016      3 comments

After pigging out tonight at the picnic I think it is time to look over my goals. Time to get a hold of myself and admit I have a problem. It seems like my alter ego or the sinful selfish side of me wants to eat whatever I want with no restricti... Read more
Pain Pills
Sunday, May 29, 2016      2 comments

Also forgot to say I am on 2 pain pills Percoset and morphine. It really blocks me up too. I went once today and tried eating whole can of beets to help. Now I am in pain again and have to take them so I can sleep. I cannot seem to win. My daug... Read more
Urinary Problem and Vitamins and Health Food
Sunday, May 29, 2016      0 comments

I forgot to update everyone on my other problem I had with my bladder infections. I am in the last week of this coffee and kugel thing the urinary specialist recommended. It is not working the burning sensation is coming back and I still have so... Read more
My life So Far
Saturday, May 28, 2016      1 comments

Well I am sorry I have not posted anything in a while. I was busy finishing up with my class the last few weeks. This week was an in between week and I got caught up on some housework. Needless to say i am disgruntled with my shoulder surgery se... Read more
A prayer Answered and More to Go
Monday, April 25, 2016      4 comments

Well God answered my prayer about being used in our new church. I will be writing a poem for the Ladies Banquet that is coming up on May 13th. I am praying a lady we know from the other church gets her refund pretty soon. She had talked to Jenni... Read more
Updates on Prayers and Health and Spring Cleaning
Friday, March 25, 2016      2 comments

Well it has been a while since I posted a blog. My prayers about the furnace were answered. The state approved us for a new furnace a few weeks ago. Also over a week ago our septic system backed up again and the pastor from church had another gu... Read more
Persistence in Prayer
Sunday, February 21, 2016      3 comments

I have learned to be persistent in prier for what I need. I prayed that God would soften the heart of the woman in energy assistance and allow us to finally get help. Because last week our furnace went out on us and the guy who came said that th... Read more
Trouble Always Trouble
Saturday, January 30, 2016      6 comments

First you knocked me down Turned my smile into a frown Gave me sleepless nights Made me look a fright Now you want to make amends Want to be my friend Now it is too late You shut the gate You ran all over me Stung me like... Read more
Bad News Again
Wednesday, January 06, 2016      3 comments

Well it is a new year and my bank account is down to less than 300 now. If that is not bad enough we cleaned the back of our dryer tonight and the vents fell apart It seems the one vent to the dryer only had one screw on it. We have to replace t... Read more
Tuesday, December 01, 2015      5 comments

I am in desperate circumstances My world is falling apart I am losing heart Shattered and torn Like a broken window Or a smashed picture frame Hurting calling out His name Jesus! Come and help me! Government weighs me down ... Read more
Bureacratic Red Tape
Monday, November 30, 2015      5 comments

Once more I am tied down with red tape. i try to get energy assistance and they keep insisting on their stupid 1099 forms. I keep telling them I was never sent any by the companies that I have IRA's with. They will not listen to me. The women ar... Read more
We Must Be One
Friday, October 09, 2015      2 comments

Oh the hurt and pain Tears fall like rain Oh my aching heart Being torn apart Makes me want to cry I keep asking why Why can't we get along? Together we are strong Jesus wanted it Why are we fighting it? We should be on... Read more
Surgeon and Math
Wednesday, October 07, 2015      1 comments

Well I went to see the surgeon today and he thinks I have a frozen shoulder and is sending me back to therapy. I feel like I am going around in circles here. I did that already and did not get nowhere before! He thinks he got rid of the arthriti... Read more

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