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8/14/20 3:49 P

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Welcome to SPARK.

I would say 'patience' would be your best motivator.

The scale stopped budging for me, especially as I got closer to my goal.
So, for me, the tape measure becomes the next best motivator.

It does take time, a long time before it becomes a measurable difference.
It took years for me to gain my weight, so I should expect patience to lose it.

Now that I am eating a healthy diet, it is melting off faster. It's becoming easier for me to stay motivated. Knowledge and patience are my motivators. My journey is more enjoyable now that I have the tools I need to succeed.

Goals are another good motivator. I write down my daily goals and review them daily to stay on track. I don't tape myself everyday, but I do have daily goals to eat right and keep moving to burn energy.

A heart rate monitor helps motivate me as I try to beat a daily score for calories burned or simply to maintain a minimum heart rate while working out. My heart rate monitor has a bar graph display for daily activity. If it looks like I'm coming up short on my daily goal, I can complete the goal by taking a walk or what ever activity it takes to meet the goal.

For me, it is far more flattering for to be complimented for how much healthier I look, as in 'less thick' than to know how much weight I lost. A friend of mine who hadn't seen me in a long time was just shocked at how much thinner I looked.

Losing a pant size is another good motivator.

But these achievements take time.
They require planning.
They require patience.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes for your journey.


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8/14/20 3:19 P

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Hi All, when I am putting in so much of energy and focus and the scale doesnt move at times that is disappointing , I saw a lesson on non scale motivators: for some reason energy ,inch loss etc arent much of a motivation for me because a) there is no inch loss b) i usually have high energy so what to do to keep the motivation on

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