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Posted a photo HAPPI_PAULA 4 GEORGE815
4/15/21 7:11 P
4/15/21 3:53 P
How adorable is this. so blessed to be a nana LADY_KATHY 36 XREPHA
4/15/21 6:34 P
Haven't posted in a while but been consistently taking care of myself. ✔ Finished a 6 week Pilates p LADYJLUVLIFE 25 FELICIA1963
4/15/21 5:10 P
Posted a photo RGOCEAN 23 MDOWER1
4/15/21 5:45 P
Halffway to meeting today's goal of 8 glasses of water #h2whoa GREYGIN 12 YANKEEFAN0858
4/15/21 5:40 P
Happy Thursday! I'm thankful last week I got to travel to see my family and meet my new niece! #th REDEEMED_DANCER 19 YANKEEFAN0858
4/15/21 5:40 P
Good Morning🌗 5:30am, Pacific Daylight Time, and it's my Birthday🎂 Weighing in at 171 lbs. Goal: 1 2PSICHI0 224 GEORGE815
4/15/21 7:06 P
Down 40lbs so far this year! LAKEMAN59 168 PWILLOW1
4/14/21 9:12 P
So proud that i have stuck with eating healthy for 2 months. i just started tracking again this past KAYZRIP77 10 ALLYLIZZY
4/15/21 3:11 P
How do you eat healthy when you’re so angry with your spouse you could throw them off a cliff? **th LITTLEMISSMOUSE 22 PWILLOW1
4/14/21 9:11 P
Have a wonderful Wednesday! #fitnessfeats STARGLOW77 7 SPEDED2
4/14/21 10:07 P
YET ANOTHER HURTLE I've been through a lot lately. March 2017 my husband of 30 years died unexpecte LARETZLAFF 34 ALLYLIZZY
4/15/21 3:07 P
Posted a photo IMUSTLOSEIT1 9 FAITHP44
4/14/21 4:13 P
Food of the last several days. CLIMBOVERARIES 7 QUARTERMASTER3
4/14/21 10:07 P
I am starting over AGAIN. But, lunch isn’t a bad looking start. 😉 PURPLEBUNNI08 22 NAVYWIFESKI
4/14/21 6:37 P
4/14/21 4:55 P
I went for a long walk today in town. I really liked the blossoms on this tree. It was lovely weathe LESLIELENORE 31 JER-BER
4/15/21 6:05 A
For the first time in 6-7 months they opened the fairgrounds where we like to walk. 3.33 miles inste NEEDBU66 26 MJ7DM33
4/13/21 10:08 P
Posted a photo MARILYNSRETIRED 25 MJ7DM33
4/13/21 10:08 P
Posted a goal TOREYT2 21 GEORGE815
4/13/21 7:28 P
After a long period of 'stay home' legislation, we've been allowed back out in the UK - non-essentia SWEETENUFGILL 22 JOANNE-IE
4/14/21 9:18 A
Breakfast BECCAWEBB123 13 GEORGE815
4/13/21 7:26 P
Just coming back to SP after a 30 lb. gain. Was on Weight Watchers for awhile & loved it, but there MURRELLS 9 GEORGE815
4/13/21 7:27 P
Lunch: Que Rico breakfast tostada. It is tostada with refried beans seasoned with cumin, scrambled e BECCAWEBB123 15 RO2BENT
4/13/21 4:29 P
Arugula and spinach curry pancakes with roast chicken, peppers and onions. I mixed habenero hot sauc MSMOSTIMPROVED 25 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/14/21 7:31 A
Sun n fun started today in lakeland. CARLOSLAKELAND 21 GINNABOOTS
4/14/21 8:46 A
I am stunned, heartbroken, and bereft... KC, my best friend of 22 years, died last night. She had wh MIMAWELIZABETH 304 GEORGE815
4/13/21 7:39 P
4/13/21 12:47 A
A double rainbow looking out from our front porch yesterday DONNA_VT 57 JERSEYGIRL24
4/12/21 11:08 P
Saw a new trend where people #restart themselves. After a few months of feeling the effects of "push NELLEBELLE94 27 TKLBRIDGET1
4/12/21 8:11 P
Today is kind off day for me. My mom wants me to go with her shopping. I told her that i needed to e SBLACKWELL93 4 GEORGE815
4/12/21 3:31 P
Happy new day and new week, have a great one KURTZIE1998 12 MADEINBRITAIN
4/13/21 4:02 A
I can't believe I've gained so much weight, I'm up 5 more lbs. Been struggling emotionally for the p KARENWILL2 24 MSMOSTIMPROVED
4/12/21 5:12 P
Saying "No" sometimes to others means saying "YES🥰" sometimes to ourselves. It still feels strange WOMANOFLOVE 12 JER-BER
4/13/21 6:19 A
I am trying a new approach to journal everything. Is it ok to weigh in EVERY day? I have heard diffe JLE973 10 RO2BENT
4/12/21 4:26 P
Lunch - Salad with strawberries, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, feta and Skinny Girl poppyseed dressing NAVYWIFESKI 21 FLASUN
4/13/21 2:06 A
Posted a photo WANDAJADE 16 MISSIC20231
4/13/21 10:15 A
Happy Monday to you all and may you be blessed beyond measure on this day. As for me, it is my 82 BANEWLAND 65 TKLBRIDGET1
4/12/21 8:04 P
The rain that was supposed to arrive at noon didn't arrive so it gave me a bonus day to get some yar MOMMYFROG2 8 FAITHP44
4/11/21 4:51 P
Your comfort zone is supposed to keep your life safe . . . . but all it really does is keep it small 1CRAZYDOG 4 7STIGGYMT
4/11/21 7:46 P
It took 3 of us but we were able to get hubs in a sling and move him from recliner to bed. He is mor DARLENEK04 26 TOCONNER
4/12/21 6:34 A
I hope you are all having a great day! I'm doing food prep for the first few days of the week today. ONTRACKTANYA 9 LITTLEFLOWERTC
4/11/21 5:07 P
Posted a photo GERMDOGOK6 10 DEFARGE2
4/11/21 6:53 P
My brother,Jeremy, and I walked down the road and into town to meet our brother,Jonathan, for lunch. LESLIELENORE 41 GARDENCHRIS
4/12/21 12:34 P
Posted a photo GERMDOGOK6 11 MDOWER1
4/11/21 5:30 P
Honest opinions needed. I lost a total of about 25 pounds. I treated myself to this dress but now th JNCPRO3130 163 2JOY468
4/12/21 11:16 A
challange weigh in OTAGOCHANGING 84 ALIHIKES
4/11/21 5:24 P
Be an Optimist JUSTJ2014 12 ERIN_POSCH
4/11/21 9:17 A
4/11/21 9:17 A
Sense of humor. Get one. 94-ADAM 19 ERIN_POSCH
4/11/21 9:17 A
4/10/21 4:40 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 23 SPEDED2
4/10/21 10:45 P
Someone asked me today how I lost 15lbs. First I mentioned SparkPeople, but then I told her I realiz BIRDLOVER-CJ 3 SPARKANITA
4/10/21 3:25 P
I’m in shape. Round is a shape. HAPPYDAZ1 12 ERIN_POSCH
4/11/21 9:16 A
#BeforeAndAfter So after taking the photo yesterday I was thinking I remembered taking a photo befor HEATHER12O 156 ELORA101
4/15/21 2:51 P
Spicy Thai Peanut Noodle Bowl. My husband and I went out to eat the other day and he got the most d MRSMICHELLEMARI 14 BECCAWEBB123
4/10/21 8:30 P
My 2 ingredient pizza dough. Its one of my favorite meals that makes me feel guilty free.😊 BALU1127 12 BALU1127
4/11/21 11:50 A
Garden project done, grass seed down, feet are up and am eating my favorite food - pizza!! 😁 That DM2020 12 75HEALTHYME
4/10/21 9:34 P
This 56-year-old is back after a 1- to 2-year hiat MPRICE887 14 MPRICE887
4/10/21 9:43 P
4/10/21 8:58 P
I feel good at 60, working daily to improve my health with my eating habits. One meal at a time. GAMMATAMMI 145 1HAPPYSPIRIT
4/10/21 9:25 P
Happy Saturday! CARLOSLAKELAND 19 PCK12J
4/11/21 6:55 P
Posted a photo CARLOSLAKELAND 31 PCK12J
4/11/21 6:56 P
Brunch: egg, peppers, and onion with sweet potato SELFQUARANLEAN 9 LYNMEINDERS
4/9/21 4:19 P
4/11/21 12:58 P
Started the day off right with 2 glasses of water with breakfast #h2whoa GREYGIN 12 DONNA_CPS2
4/9/21 4:24 P
Day 2 of meeting and/or exceeding my personal exercise goal....practicing consistency ...again. #mo GREYGIN 15 LITTLEFLOWERTC
4/9/21 6:21 P
4/11/21 12:58 P
Late lunch... CATWMNCAT 12 SPEDED2
4/9/21 10:20 P
My service puppers keeping watch over me while I do my PT. AFWWTX 13 KAYDE53
4/9/21 8:55 P
Posted a photo KASANNMIL 9 DONNA_CPS2
4/9/21 4:23 P
Greek salad - with apples instead of onions. Kids PRIMEOFMYLIFE 17 M0MTH3W1TCH
4/10/21 10:25 A
Fabulous Friday Fun: A well-deserved, long-overdue Tropical Pedicure ! UPDATE: I daydreamed of the b TREKPURRSON 22 WHITECAT19
4/10/21 1:35 A
When you have kids and it’s quiet somethings going on, when you have tortoises and you hear noises s LANLEIMEE 16 BAILE1MA
4/9/21 10:47 P