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7/7/09 12:29 P

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Thanks for the encouragement.
I just had a down day yesterday - between not being able to run and feeling silly in this boot - wasn't feel too bright. :/

I do ST with kettlenetics kbells for about 2 hours a week (two sessions) and really like them. My arms and core are definitely stronger due to that program. I'll just have to add the specific ST the PT suggests to what I'm already doing, I suppose.

I'm still frustrated (but not entirely sure that's not partially hormonally based!) and peeved with myself, but it'll pass. I just want to get well and be able to start building a base again!

Thanks again.

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7/7/09 12:18 P

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No-one is too weak to run. Look at 3 year old kids, they run around all the time! The key to running is taking it slow. Very slow.

So rest up, get the foot better, do your PT and then get shoes that are right for your biomechanics. And like everyone else said, lots of core strengthening exercises for you!

Then start running again but keep up the ST. You'll get there, it's a lifelong process.

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7/7/09 10:48 A

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I agree with everyone else...just work on strengthening that core! A strong core helps to be a more efficient runner.

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7/7/09 10:37 A

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It sounds like its time to work on that core and ab muscles. I also think its important to point out that we talk about how runner still need to ST and I think your case is a great example of that. We cannot just do all cardio and expect our bodies to look and feel good. We still need to be building those muscles with good ST!! So find a great core ST DVD, pay attention to what the PT says and do those exercises like you're told and you'll be back to running in no time!!

7/7/09 9:41 A

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Any chance that pilates would help...Pilates is supposed to help strengthen the core...Might be worth a shot:)

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7/7/09 9:26 A

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You can so fix the weak muscles! It isn't a down in the dumps may not be able to run now (especially with the robo boot) but that gives you plenty of time to hit the gym or weights at home and strengthen those muscles! You can so do it! Also, did you tell the doc your legs were fatigued from cycling? It might have changed her mind on what she said? All the muscles you mentioned would have been fatigued. Good luck!!

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7/6/09 8:59 P

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7/6/09 7:44 P

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Hi LEONALIONESS I can definitely understand how you feel. I was having pain in right leg for a while and because I refused to stop running I ended up making it worse. So now I am also in a boot for three weeks (1 week down 2 to go) due to a stress fracture and shin splints. This is the second stress fracture that I have had (1 in each leg) and I am hoping that when I go back to the doctor he will tell me that I can start back running. Hang in there hopefully it will get better for the both of us until then heal well. emoticon

~Chandra B.~

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7/6/09 6:59 P

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I had my appt. with the sports doc today. General info on the stress fracture is in my blog. What I'm dwelling on is that I'm apparently not strong enough "to run like you want to".

The doc, in addition to poking my foot (side note: OW!) and asking about my activity, also did some stuff where she had me use my legs to push against her hands in a variety of positions. She says I'm weak in the core to pelvis area, glutes, hamstrings. The implication is that I can't really run because I'm somehow "broken" and need to be fixed and it's bothering me.

I've never felt like my lower body is weak. I've always had good muscles in my legs and bootie and generally feel strong and fit in that region. So it was sort of deflating being called weak. :/

She said that I definitely need shoes for an overpronator and they need to be bigger but that getting better shoes alone won't solve the issue. My foot will heal with rest but unless I fix what's wrong with my body, I'll just get re-injured. What a bummer. :(

I'm partially wondering if the fact I biked 35 flipping (hilly!) miles in two days this weekend had anything to do with not being able to push up on her hand too hard without having my hamstrings cramp, but I don't want to fool myself, either.

She's got me going to physical therapy to get some exercises to improve those weaknesses but I'm pretty bummed. I thought I was doing so well. I just feel ... squashed, I guess.

Can't run until I can walk, do stairs and hop pain-free. I'm in a big crazy cyborg boot for a week to help me walk without overcompensating onto my big toe/heel.

I feel down. :/

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