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I don't necessarily think you are a worry wart, just hyper aware of the consequences of over doing it. Sounds like you are able to listen to your body quite well, so best wishes as you build upon a new running program.

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7/28/09 7:02 P

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Unfortunately I have had 2 injuries in the last 3 years (neither caused by running) and in both cases discomfort and some pain was (is) just something to be dealt with. I have not really had any 'major' pain as long as I stay within the bounds set by the doctors and I stay in touch with my own body. It seems as if your body knows and will tell you...if you listen!

Good luck!
Run safe!!

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I came back after about that long from a hip injury. I had mild discomfort as that area got use to the pounding for the first 2 weeks, but now as long as I'm diligent in stretching I'm good.

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7/28/09 1:15 P

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After five weeks of not running due to a mild stress fracture in my right foot, I got the go ahead from my physical therapist to start running again. :) YAY! I'm to start slowly, 2x a week, flats, dirt or grass surface and only 1-2 miles at at time for two weeks. I was told some stiffness/soreness is to be expected.

I got some new shoes (for overpronators, stability shoes in a half size bigger - I've got New Balance 769s) and I did a 2 mile run on grass/dirt last night at a 10 min. mile pace. I'm surprised at how "easy" it was compared to what I expected. I've spent the last few weeks biking 30+ miles a week to keep my endurance up and that seems to have helped keep me from totally backsliding.

During the run I was hyper-aware of my foot and noticed only mild pressure (? not really pain... hard to describe) and I think that was the stiffness the PT was describing. I iced it for 15-20 min last night after the run (and 30 min walk back home) and it felt pretty good.

This morning I had some soreness, about the same as a bruise in intensity. It's not affecting how I walk or do stairs and I biked the 6 miles to work with no ill effects. It doesn't hurt as I'm sitting at work, either.

For those of you who've come back to running after an injury of this type, what sort of pain/discomfort did you experience? I'm thinking I've got normal stuff going on but I'm a worrywart!

Next run I intend to go slower and do only 1.5 miles so I don't overdo it. I'm still doing daily exercises the PT gave me to strengthen core/hips/glutes and cross training mostly with biking and kettlebells for strength.

Any personal experiences would be great. I know to STOP running if I have any sharp or intense pain/discomfort but am not sure if I should be feeling any at all?

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