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9/24/18 4:44 A

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Hello. Graduation is an unbelievable happiness. I congratulate all graduates too. If you will graduate soon then you will need to write a graduational final paper. A site that presents reviews on the companies that help with the writing of graduational final papers ->
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7/2/09 12:48 P

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That is certainly something to be proud of! Congratulations to all of the graduates!
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6/16/09 9:29 A

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Cindy, congrats & good luck to your future!
LMB100, good luck to you!

I recently graduated myself at 33yo. I finished March 27 and the campus of my school is out of state from where I live (I did it all online) I am unable to participate in the ceremony, which happens to be this coming Friday. But my mom threw me a surprise graduation party Saturday and I received my diploma Friday for perfect timing! It was a great substitute for missing the ceremony. It was a long 3 and half years to earn my AS but am SOOOOOO happy I did! It's never, ever too late!

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5/26/09 8:41 P

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Congrats Cindy on making it to the end of that long road! Now you get to take another road and reap the rewards of all your hard work. May the road you choose be smooth and wide and easy to travel!

I am 49 and will be returning to college for the third time this fall. Law school this time. I believe I am probably the oldest person entering at this time. I am usually fairly outgoing with other students, so I suspect it won't be long before I become "mom" to at least a few, but that's okay. I am looking forward to it. Good luck to you... see you around the boards!

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5/26/09 6:25 P

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My name is Cindy and I am 45 years old. I began college in 1981 as a psych major, I graduated with a BSW two weeks ago. I want to encourage all the adults in college to keep at it, you will get there eventually.
It can be difficult at times to be "the oldest kid in the class" or be older than the professor but that can be overcome with some patience and a good sense of humor.
Each of has our own set of personal challenges that may seem to make our goals too hard to accomplish, but if we stick to them as best we can- we can get there.
My primary challenges were lack of money and treatment depression. Relapses can make life interesting and school difficult. So can adjusting to the med changes prescribed to treat the relapse.
In my final semester I relapsed (or so we thought) and none of the med changes seemed to help much. I went to my medical doctor to see if there was something medically wrong. It turns out that I have Epstein-Barr and chronic fatigue and I had it so bad at the time that she prescribed a month of bedrest and dropping out of classes for the semester. It broke my heart to come so close and have to withdraw. Because the classes I needed were only offered in the Spring, I had to wait almost a whole year to return.
Waiting was hard but so worth it. I returned healthier,with more energy, and was able to focus better. I earned a 3.92 for the semester and graduated with a 3.74.
Some of the other older students didn't participate in the Graduation because they thought it was for kids. I feel sorry for them. Graduation was the best reward for years of hard work and struggles. It's good to let others acknowledge your accomplishments.
So please stay in school and when the time comes, don that cap and gown with pride and walk. Best wishes and good luck to all

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