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Reference Guide to Exercise Intensity

An In-Depth Look at Heart Rate, RPE and the Talk Test


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I'm a perceived exertion girl all the way! Report
needed this info Report
This is very timely. I am working on increasing my pace. This will help me a lot! Report
MHR and RHR are so easy to calculate. Report
Like this when I first read it. Try it again as I get healthier and can do more. Report
I’m glad my Fitbit tells me when I need to pick it up! Report
Great article explaining the un-understandable posters all over the gym Report
A good article and great to reread and a reminder to check you heart rate. Report
I just walk. If I'm breathing hard, that's good Report
Good information. Report
Thanks Report
thanks Report
Thank you Report
Awesome...thanks... Report

Great Information

r Report

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