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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Food Tracking


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When I started tracking, I was amazed to find out how "unhealthy" some of the "healthy" meals I thought I was eating were. Report
This article is just what I NEEDED. I have to remember to journal all my "hows". Hoping it will help during this week's challenge. Report
Tracking is helpful. Report
SP tracker is the easiest tracker for me because I’ve added many nutritional facts for my favorites already. I’ve been tracking for many years off and on, mostly on. Report
interesting article and comments
Thanks. Tracking does help. Report
Tracking is key! Report
Thanks Report
Thank you! Report
Thank you Report
I like that this article emphasizes "calories in/calories out" since we too often see eating advice to avoid counting calories (such as Weight Watchers). I have recently restarted counting calories again myself. However, I find that more often than not, the macronutrients listed in the SP tracker are incorrect and most of the time, I end up inserting new foods. This has become very frustrating. Report
Thanks Report
It's a really good reminder Report
It makes yu think--if yu journal Report

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