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7 Secrets to Outsmarting Your Supermarket


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Thanks Report
Thanks for the information. Report
Thanks so much! Report
Good tips. I especially like the impulse buying if you are hungry. Report
Good strategies. Thanks. Report
I try to stick mostly to the perimeter where I can. Meat, dairy, fresh fruit & veggies. Report
Good article, to help not impulse shop I go shopping with a list and slick to my list. Report
moving stuff around, so you must go up n down more isles to find what you want...8~\ Report
Good advice but for someone like me that is GF, it's not hard to avoid. I look hard at the GF products that are much more expensive and a lot smaller in sizes while the calories are higher. An interesting combination. I just wish we had more easy and common recipes to find and use rather than all the commercial products out there. Report
Great advice! Wish my husband would read it LOL. Report
Over 50 years ago, I had a marketing class and learned how to create the lures. Today coffee was not on the list I didn't have. Next to the end cap was my favorite seasonal flavor. First I saw the sign for 'buy 2 get coupon for $1.50 on your next trip.' There were 2 package sizes. The small ones were in the cart when I realized the large package was a better buy so I swapped. My husband said It looked like a lot of coffee. Not really, the way I drink coffee. Besides, I would have ordered the same amount online tomorrow. Called it win-win.
(Got sick on too much Halloween candy last year. Avoiding it this year.) Report
Great article. Since the article was written, on-line and pick-up has come out. That helps me greatly. Report
Great article, very helpful! Report
Great article! Report

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