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Drop the Fatitude and Get a Winning Attitude!

Change Your Thoughts to Win the Weight-Loss Game


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thanks Report
Changing a focus away from unhealthy junk food takes time and effort. Report
Good article Report
One of the conditions I need to subvert and dispose of is thinking in terms of me being overweight rather than thinking of the me who wears my body. Body image is more than a mental picture, it is the way one walks through doorways, goes up stairs, approaches a group of people, sitting at a table, and more. It is the process that is trouble whether or not one is thinly or thickly, so to speak.

That process cannot be helped by "Happy-Happy-Walmart" chants and such. I'm glad this article dealt more realistically with the basic "fatitudes". And just to be sure, the "Be-fatitudes" can be found in the Bible right next to the verse about "God helps those who help themselves". hahaha

Let us expose fables for what they are. Thanks. Report
Great article. It's amazing how obesity is best addressed first from within and by our attitudes and mental mind set. Thank you. This has been very helpful! Report
Oh, I can really relate to the "all or nothing" attitude. As hard as I try not to have it, it still manages to creep out of the closet. Report
Attitude is so important! Report
Absolutely great Report
Absolutely great Report
Absolutely great Report
Very good

Great article. Report
Loved this article and the replacement thoughts it suggested. Thanks for the help. Report
What a great article. I used to suffer from some these attitudes and Sparkpeople has helped so much! Report

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