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14 Ways to Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors

Tips for Parents and Mentors


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thanks Report
This works for small kids, but what about teens? Any ideas there? Report
With kids learning remotely as well as parents working remotely, everyone needs to get out of the house to get some much needed exercise. The COVID shutdown has caused too many of us to be more sedentary and that's not good for our health or well being.

We all need to go outside and play. Report
thank you Report
thank you Report
Just take them outside and play with them when they are little and they will want to be outside their whole life. Report
All great suggestions. Report
We can still go outside even with coronavirus Report
Strange to read this in the year of COVID and stay home/inside...

Encouraging kids to be outside is done best when we set the example by going outside and having fun! Report
I like to do all of this! Report

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