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11 Ways to Lighten Up Any Restaurant Meal


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thanks for sharing! Report
thanks for sharing Report
Thank you for these great tips! Report
All great ideas. Report
I've done a lot of these suggestions over the years so often that it doesn't seem weird at all to ask. :) Especially salad dressing on the side. Or a couple packets of vinegar if it's a fast food salad. Report
Good restaurants want your business and are willing to work with you on your choices. Finding a place like that is worth the effort. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Great info! Report
Good ideas. Report
These are some good ideas. Report
Great tips! Report
Great advice Report
Great helpful tips Report
Absolutely it pays not to be shy and ask for hwat you want (or don't want!)

I always box up 1/2 my meal in a take-away box fro the get-go as portions are always tooo large.

Thanks Report

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