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5 Secrets to Winter Health and Energy

Stay Healthy and Happy to Weather the Season


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Great article! Report
All the main reasons I moved from northern USA to southern USA 🌞 Report
Thanks Report
Great tips. Winter in Minnesota can get long.
Appreciate the tips. Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Thank you Report
I believe I suffer from mild SAD so growing up in cloudy western Michigan wasn't great but as a kid, I went outside & enjoyed it anyway. Central coast of California not so much but my doctor put me on vitamin D supplements & I mounted track lighting over my bed. Turning it on first thing in the AM helped. The biggest issue for me is cold, I hate it & don't tolerate it well. I do take niacin during the winter & it has also made an improvement. Niacinamide is the buffered version found in a lot of multiple formulations but that form doesn't work - you want to take a dose that gets you to a hot flash stage then back it down a bit.

Kinda wish we were moving to the tropics but for this year, just gotta turn up the heat, wear some extra socks, get the tea pot going & push myself thru it. Shortest day already so winter will be gone soon, I hope & we will be relocated by then.
Great article. Report
so not looking forward to winter this year. Report
Great article! I moved from a warm/sunny state to a remote, overcast midwestern state with harsh winters. I didn’t expect the change in climate to make such a big difference in my weight.. but it did. Report

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