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The Buzz on Jazzercise

The Fitness Class with Rhythm


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WOW...thanks... Report
I'm a Zumba girl Report
I too was wondering if Jazzercise still exists, now in late 2020. Report
Thanks for the explanation! Report
I haven't done Jazzercize in years. I may have to try it again. Report
Never heard of it but thanks for the info Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Thanks! Report
Thank you. Report
thank you Report
I just saw a segment about the founder on CBS Sunday Morning. Her daughter teaches now having grown up with it.
I enjoyed the classes years ago but all that quickly changing directions was hard on my knees so altho the instructor was okay if I didn't, my doctor wasn't thrilled. I decided I might better use my own music & dance at home on a yoga mat for extra cushioning.
I own 2 yoga mats, 1 for dance & 1 for yoga.
Reading the comments seems I also saved a lot of $$$ which could then go toward other activities, equipment & workout clothes/shoes. Report
thanks Report
Happy to know it still exists. I wish I had a local place/gym that has it (none). Report
Yes, it sure does exist here in November of 2018! I've been going to Jazzercise since, uh, 2001, and have gone from middle age to old age. I'm still dancing! Jazzercise is for all ages from young college students here through middle aged ladies to old ladies such as myself. There have even been a couple of men here at various times, but usually it's something women do. Report

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