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The Truth About Juicing and Your Health


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Appreciate the information. I am glad to see the advice to follow juicing w/eating whole freggies, too.

Not sure how the juiced carrot can have more Vit. D, but I would have to do some research on that one!

I used to juice. I stopped when it started taking 4 times longer to clean the juicer than to make the juice. Report
Thanks Report
My teeth prefer real food. Report
How is it possible that the Vitamin A content of Carrot juice is HIGHER than the carrots themselves? Vitamin A was pulled out of the air? Carrots: 16,706 IU versus juice of 19,124 IU Report
I don't use a juicer as they are rather high priced. We do drink juice in the mornings with breakfast otherwise it fresh fruits. Report
No thanks. Besides, juicers are too expensive... Report
Good need-to-know information, thanks! Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
I juiced for a while, mostly liked it but it's too expensive and you toss a lot of food out. Report
Very interesting article. Thanks Report
It’s worth checking out advice from Gil Jacobs, Fred Bisci and Michael Perrine of the podcast Everyday Detox on this. The idea is to start each day with a green juice - it serves as an “extract” of plants providing like medicine or a “shot” of highly concentrated nutrients like chlorophyll which is supposed to be awesome for digestion, gut microbiome and vitality and is processed by the body in a more direct way than smoothies. Smoothies and eating whole veggies and fruits are also encouraged after you juice, they are also great and essential ways to eat in addition to juicing. The goal is to consume whole, non processed foods and eat more alkaline and reduce or eliminate meat consumption which is more acid. The cleansing is in what comes out of your body, clearing out your intestines which these kinds of juice and whole foods provide for. Also check out Bonberi on Instagram for great juice, smoothie and plant based ideas. Report
Personally I view fruit as a sweet healthy dessert that I want to enjoy in its natural state (and with fiber). Report
Good article. I make beetroot, carrot & ginger juice each morning as the beetroot keeps my blood pressure within in normal range. We eat plenty of vegetables so I use a cold press juicer as I prefer it the pulpy juice. Report

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