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Sweet Swaps: Baking with Sugar Substitutes

How to Lighten Up Your Favorite Treats


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Only agave nectar, real sugar or stevia are natural, ,, Report
Thank you. Report
I use Stevia in my oatmeal, a little goes a long way Report
thanks for sharing Report
Great article! Report
Like to use applesauce or natural fruits blended as the substitute. Report
If I'm baking and I want to cut the sugar, I use applesauce. Report
Agave nectar or stevia, honey are the only ones I feel safe to eat. Report
i could not and would absolutey not put an artificial sweetener in my body... i would rather take the full calories of granulated sugar than use anything like equal, nutrasweet, sweet n low, etc... i have learned to take my iced and hot tea without sugar... my coffee with cream, and then blended in a personal blender to take away the bitterness... in my smoothies i used local honey or dates if i want added sweetness... most of the time the fruit i add to a smoothie is enough... i am surprised that a site that promotes healthy living would offer/promote sugar substitutes as an option...

mis dos centavos--adelante... Report
I need more hours with you
We spent everyday Report
Isn't this a useless article today. No updates. No new info. Then why did it appear in the newsletter?

Waste of time when I saw it was written in 2013!!!!!

Kenny Report
I use Xylitol crystals (at Sprouts) if I need something on top of anything. (like cinnamon sprouted raisin toast, I use coconut oil for 'butter'. REALLY helps me when I am craving those HUGE cinnamon rolls, like at fairs.I might do this 1 time a month) GREAT for healthy gums, too! Report
No sugar subs for me except in soft drinks. I don't like other sweetened drinks. Report
Thank you Report
Please update! Report

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