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12 Unconventional Ways to Handle Stress


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Finding non-food ways to combat stress is so important! Report
Anything that requires you to focus on it or positive steps. Report
Timely information Report
I have noticed peeling oranges is calming. I always thought it was because I take my time to peel away all the pith. I guess it’s the smell, too. 😋 Report
Some great suggestions to keep yourself focused on good and not on stress. Report
Like these suggestions. Smiling at everyone boosts me too. Report
Excellent article! Stress kills! Report
Thanks Report
I've been filtering for yrs. I was misdiagnosed w/ IBS. Filtering is one of the suggestions for managing flare-ups. Report
good suggestions Report
Love the suggestion to peel an orange! Report
Much needed at this time of isolation Report
Different things help different people. Report
thanks Report
I've found that a faked smile actually helps me feel better. Thanks for some other excellent suggestions. Report

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