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5 Healthy Habits That Are Making You Sick

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Hurt Your Immune System


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Perspective!! Although the CDC now apparently says all the disinfecting of surfaces is immaterial--the COVID is spread by droplets. But who can argue with good hygiene?! Report
Important information for these trying times. Report
Time to update this article for 2020. Report
Thoughtful information. Report
Very good article. Thanks. Report
Putting up an article that discourages use of hand sanitizer during a pandemic isn't a good idea. Perhaps a little more vetting would ensure relevance. Report
Is anyone else tired of ETHYLMERTZ being such a negative commenter on every article?
It's a free site, you get what you pay for. I too would like to see more topics updated but meantime, I accept the info I can use & skip the rest. Report
Very interesting-Pertinent even today. Report
Very interesting to consider some of these. Report
I am very concerned about the overuse of hand sanitizers. Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to prevent germ transmission. Report
Article getting a bit Long in the tooth”, needs to be checked for errors. Report
Great Article! Thanks! Report
I am guilty of NOT getting enough sleep! I am up all through the night! Report
Thanks for the information! Report

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