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7 Times the Scale is Lying to You

Knowing When to Ignore the Scale


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I always weight myself wearing the same clothes on home scale before going to Health Team where they weigh me on a commercial scale, then I add the difference when I weigh myself at home. Usually + 4 lbs. Report
Thanks for sharing. Very helpful. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Thank you. Report
There is no truth in scales. You can "adjust" them but tightening the spring or standing in a different place. The scale is not your friend. Report
"For women it's a crapshoot" TRUEST LINE EVER WRITTEN. Throughout my fertile years I could count on going up and down 12 pounds each month, regular as a clock, no changes in diet or level of activity. Report
Great article! Report
Thanks for the information. Report
No the scale doesn't lie. It measures what you weigh at that moment. What we have to do is determine why it says what it does. Ate some chips last night? Up a lb? Now you know you are sodium sensitive. Constipated? Up a few? no biggie, etc......

The scale is a tool. Learn to use it to your benefit. I weigh every morning, first thing, then log it, at my "official" weigh in day, I take the average for the week. Report
The scale isn't "lying", just not measuring anything important. Report
I only weigh once per week, always first thing in the morning. Thanks for the great explanations as to why the scale can fluctuate so much. I love focusing on the NSV’s now. Report
I try to look for non scale victories as well Report
Good info Report

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