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Have You Met Your Matcha?

Discover the Benefits and Beauty of this Trend-setting Tea


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Matcha tea is very delicious, & obviously good for you. However, as far as nutritional benefits, it matters what kind of Matcha you use. Many of the teas sold in supermarkets are a weak version of real Matcha. don't be fooled. Read the label. It should organic, pure leaf, or even what type of Matha it is, like maybe stone ground or something similiar.I get organic, stone ground, pure leaf, ceremonial grade. You can get it from Amazon and many other sources. It is a bit pricey but you really don't need a whole lot of the tea. It is a strong, smooth taste. When it is completely cool, I add a bit of honey. Report
I'm not sure what Matcha tea is, but I just purchased some Green Tea today to switch from too much coffee. Report
I've not met my matcha yet but I am looking forward to the encounter. Report
Oh heavens, another tea fad, in order to make money, Have to laugh! Report
Great pick-me-up in the afternoon! Report
Keep an eye out for sugar in in matcha things from cafes or in grocery stores. Starbucks matcha powder is over 50% sugar. Report
I only buy Encha Organic Matcha direct from Japan. Taste and color are amazing. I love mixing it with unsweetened vanilla coconut milk using a frother. YUM!!!! Report
GREAT recipe! Report
I like these kinds of articles. But I never see it mentioned in the articles about regular tea, black or green, that tea is a gout-trigger and should be either avoided or taken sparingly by people with gout. That's kind of important, and not on the list people have in their minds of things to avoid for gout... Report
Head to your nearest Japanese grocery store and look for 'Matcha Sencha' tea ('Matcha iri Sencha'). The first cup you just pour near-boiling water over ~1.5 Tbsp leaves (no steeping), and you get what tastes like a cup of matcha. The second time, you re-use the leaves and steep in near-boiling water for 2-3 minutes. This second cup will be a lightly matcha-flavored sencha.

Costco also happens to sell this Matcha Sencha in tea bag form. The "Kirkland Signature Japanese Green Tea With Matcha 100 ct. 2-Pack". Steeping instructions are the same as above, but you use a tea bag instead of tea leaves.

It's a cheaper way to get your daily matcha! Report
The lead part that someone mentioned is true. But the lead is mostly from tea leaves grown in China, they believe that's due to leaves grown close to all the manufacturing going on over there. I like matcha tea too, I think I would choose tea grown in other areas though such as Japan. Tea leaves take in lead from the soil easier than other plants. Brewing your teas in a tea bag is said to keep some of the lead out of your drink. Teas tested that were grown in Japan show low or no lead levels I guess. Report
I love the endorsement of this tea by the people that sell the stuff! Weight loss and health industry isn't Billion dollar industry for nothing. Plus, keep in mind, anti oxidants are turning out to Not be the miracle cure that was hoped for, over the decades of studies done. This tea will not cure or prevent anything with certitude! Just another yuppie fad production. Report
I buy my Matcha on Amazon. There are different qualities, such as one for baking and another for drinking. The drinking quality is more expensive. First time I drank it I thought it tasted just like green tea (of course!) and might as well go with a bag for the mess. But I might stick with the matcha if its better for you. A tip - The matcha can be a little clumpy so I strain it through a woven style tea ball as it goes into the cup, no clumps! Report
I heard about this a while ago and bought a small amount (1 oz) at a local health food store.
Use very little for a cup of tea (1/4 tsp to start) and use warm/hot not boiling water which can make it bitter. It taste like dirt (to me) but I drink it on occasion because of its health benefits. Report

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