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Have You Met Your Matcha?

Discover the Benefits and Beauty of this Trend-setting Tea


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This sounds yummy. I love tea. Anyone who only uses tea bags is truly missing out on the taste of tea. Where do I find this? I have never heard of it. I'll have to start looking for it. Report
Just read another article by a dietitian on that said while it is good for the body you need to keep a couple things in mind. 1) Quality comes with a price so don't be fooled by a low price. 2) Tea leaves absorb lead when they are growing. Brewed tea retains 90% f the lead in the leaves but because Matcha is ground leaves you will consume more lead. One study by ConsumerLab found that Matcha has 30 times the lead as regular teas. Therefore, you should only drink one cup a day. Report
I just might have to try matcha!

This article is definitely NOT an advertisement. Where's the sponsor's name? Report
I love teas, but haven't tried matcha. I will have to find some and try it out!! (And this is not an advertisement. It does not sell any one particular matcha, but just describes what matcha is and how to use it. Saying this is an advertisement is like saying an article that is about coffee is an advertisement.) Report
Matcha has wonderful flavor. Any tea lover knows there is more to tea than Earl Gray. If you've never had the pleasure of being served tea at a tea ceremony, you're missing out on something good! Report
This is just an advertisement disguised as an article. Report

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