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4 Steps to Healthier Surroundings

Spread the Spark to the World Around You


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Good advice! Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
Thanks Report
I definitely want to be an example through my actions rather than verbally promoting my efforts. When I speak to the "wrong" people about my efforts and then make questionable choices in front of them, it makes me feel bad about myself. I know I shouldn't as they don't know my story or what is going on with me. But I find that challenging myself to lead by example motivates me more than speaking directly to others about the challenge I am going through for myself to get this excess weight off and feel better and more healthy about myself and how I look. Enjoyed this article immensely. Report
Great! I also learn by exama Report
This artical is 15 years old... Report
Good article Report
My "Ladies Group" meets once a momth at one of our homes. The hostess prepares/buys the meal and beverages for all when it is her turn. It's so nice to be treated to a lovely dinner with good friends. And only have to do it once a year, not bring a potluck item each time. I notice most of us now try tasty new and healthy recipes and desserts. Report
Be the leader you wish you had. Report
Nice article.
In the last couple of weeks, spark told me to pick a role model to emulate.
I really couldn't think of anyone. After several days I decided that was a problem.
I decided that I need to step up and be the role model that others need. This will take quite a number of adjustments to my life, but I'm up to the task.
I found it horrifying that I did not know anyone who led a healthy example of living. Those few that ARE working at their health, or often too extreme and it consumes their life.
My goal is to lead a healthful and balanced one. Because I am too heavy now, it will be noticeable when my hard work begins paying off. I am determined to make a difference. Report
Great article! I know my family notices if I don't exercise, it does seem to encourage them to move more. As for obesity in Europe, it is on it's way. I've seen a big change in the last 6 years and it comes on the heels of more fast food and convenience foods being available. Report
What a great article about leading by example!! I never thought about doing that before. I do cook my hambuger in water and drain the grease, rinse the starch off my spagetti and use a paper towel to drain the excess grease off of the little beef sausage links that are similiar to the pork sausage links. I also bake my frozen fries, tater tots and onion rings at home instead of frying them. Report
excellent article! I am motivated to post my own streak at work and maybe motivate and inspire others as well as myself! Report

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